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I believe that we are all blessed with some kind of talent, doled out to

Robert Wilson, or as he is professionally known, Bobby Valentino, is a Jackson, Mississippi, by way

The Grammy-winning multi-platinum artist is at a new place in her life and is rocking a

Keeping a balance, and surrounding herself with positive people, has kept Dylan on the path towards

Nothing's changed but the year! I'm still giving you music and lyrics that are out of

Well. Passenger Seat was written when I was in Orlando. Down and depressed and suicidal. It

My boys will take over the world, and the process has already begun! They are truly

I'm really a right now type guy. I don't think we'd ever really know where we'll

“I found the feeling again where I felt something fresh could come out,” says James. “Writing

I think I can speak for the group when I say the reaction was like, "Nah,

This life altering chain of events, obviously, knocked the wind completely out of H-Town, and despite

I believe the state of the music we are creating is evidence to why there is

The, just turned, 23 year old Pop phenom first studied at New York University's acclaimed Tisch

Melanie Fiona is the recording industry's latest "it" girl. With her unique blend of R&B vocals,

The prolific singer-songwriter's story actually began in the West Indies, on the Island of Barbados' capital