Final Draft: The Real Deal

By: Todd Davis

In a music world lacking a lot of tried & true R&B, Final Draft, comprised of members; Lucky, 18, Fashun, 21, Choir Boy, 20, Sincere, 18, and D-Nyce, 22, couldn’t have arrived on the scene at a more perfect time. Harkening back to the “golden” age of groups like The Temptations, The Jackson 5, and New Edition, the Atlanta, Georgia, home-based quintet is definitely “the bee’s knees!”

Rap Industry Dot Com recently spoke with the self-proclaimed “Fab Five,” while they were out and about promoting their hot lead single, “Get At Cha,” from their soon-to-be released, forthcoming self-titled debut.

Tell me when you all first became interested in music?

D-Nyce: When my mom played (me) Michael Jackson.
Sincere: When I was like 7 or 8, and my family and I would watch old clips of The Jackson 5.
Choir Boy: When my mom played gospel music around the house.
Lucky: My dad always listened to Stevie Wonder, and I was influenced by Michael Jackson.
Fashun: (When I first heard) Jay-Z.

Where do you all hail from? And, growing up, whose music did you all favor?

CB: I hail from Highland Park, Kankakee, Illinois. All types of gospel.
Sin: I hail from Charolotte, North Carolina. I was influenced by the music my parents listen to; Michael (Jackson), Boyz ll Men, Biggie, (and) Jars of Clay.
LuckMichigan. I was influenced by my parents, and the music they listened to; Michael Jackson (and) Stevie Wonder.
D: Queens. I was influenced by my parents, and the music they listened to; Michael (Jackson), Boyz ll Men, (and) LL Cool J.
Fash: PH by way of the D. My parents played Public Enemy, (and) LL Cool J.

When did your pursuit of music become more serious?

Final Draft: When (we all) joined Final Draft!

How did the five of you actually come together to form Final Draft?

Fash: Our manager, Akina, was looking to put together a super guy group with all the best components of a superstar group; Looks, talents, and intelligence.

New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant has been speaking out a great deal on the group’s behalf — How did that connection come about? And, how much overall input does/will he have when it comes to Final Draft? 

Fash: The connection came about through our A&R, Tammy — (Our) Boston connection! *Laughs* Ralph has written songs for our album. 

What particular string of events led to your current signing to EarlJam/EMG/Universal Music Group?

Sin: Well actually, our manager is the reason for our signing to EarlJam.

Have you titled your debut yet? If so, explain the meaning behind your album’s name?

Luck: It’s self-titled. We named it to introduce ourself to the world.

Who all did you get a chance to work with on it? And, what exactly did RT do for you all on the record?

CB: There are a lot of surprises on the album. We don’t want to give everything away right now. RT wrote some songs on the album, and we did a remake of one of his songs.

What do each of you; D-Nyce, Fashun, Sincere, Choir Boy, (and) Lucky, bring to the table talent-wise? Tell me about each of your individual personalities…

D: I’m the emcee, I am the hype-man, and a background singer. I am the hyper one.
Fash: I’m the rapper in the group, and also a background singer. I like to make jokes, (and) have a good time.
Sin: Background singer, but you’ll hear me here or there step up front and sing something. I’m a ladies man, what else can I say?
CB: Lead singer. I have a laid back personality; cool and collective.
Luck: Lead singer. I have to say I am laid back also. I am not when on-stage, but on the regular, I am.

Longevity, what are your ultimate plans for it?

D: To be labeled as one of the top groups ever, icon level. And, whatever else God brings/gives to us. To let the world know, “We some real cool dudes, and we want to show the world what we have been blessed with. We want the world to love us!”

So, what about other outside aspirations — Do you all have any?

Final Draft: At this time, we are only focused on Final Draft.

And, since you all are a definite throwback of sorts, what does Final Draft think about today’s musical climate?

Fash: I think it is in a different direction. But, as always, there are creative and new artists that we respect.

Tell me something about the five of you that people may be a little surprised to find out?

CB: That we can build stuff; houses (or) whatever. D-Nyce and Sincere the captains, and then we all fall in! *Chuckles*

So, what do you all like to do for fun?

D: Play basketball is number one! Playing cards, and traveling. We also love performing, and seeing the reactions of fans. It makes us feel good knowing that hard work has payed off.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment?

Final Draft: Meeting Mo’Nique, and her love for Final Draft.

What is your 5 to 10 year plan in entertainment?

Final Draft: To be ICONS!

With that being said, what’s up next for Final Draft?

Sin: Touring, award show performances and appearances, finishing the album, and whatever else big that would be possible.

What can you tell me about the tour?

Sin: I Can Do This Tour, in which we fund the tour from our digital sales, and go to schools and encourage the students to stay in school, live a healthy lifestyle, and say no to violence.

Sadly, Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost the greatest entertainer who ever lived — What was your first reaction upon hearing the tragic news? How does Michael Jackson’s untimely passing affect, not only you, but, music in general? And, in the wake of his demise, what does this mean for the future of recorded music?

Luck: I think I can speak for the group when I say the reaction was like, “Nah, Michael Jackson gone, this must be a rumor!” His passing is sad. He will always be known as the greatest. He paved the way for not only the pop culture, but for all young singers and entertainers. 

Do you all have any parting words?

Final Draft: Keep requesting our single, “Get At Cha,” at your local radio station. Thanks for all the love and comments that our fans continue to show. Visit any online sites to stay updated on us.