Lady GaGa: Welcome To The Haus of GaGa

By: Todd Davis

Late last year, Yonkers’ born, but Manhattan, New York, bred Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, professionally known as Lady GaGa, literally burst onto the music scene with her infectious debut offering, “Just Dance.” Or, so it had seemed…

However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The, just turned, 23 year old Pop phenom first studied at New York University’s acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts, before later becoming employed at Interscope Records, her now recording home, where she penned songs for a number of acts; most notably The Pussycat Dolls.

Citing David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, as well as ’80’s icons Madonna and Michael Jackson, as her strongest musical influences, Lady GaGa {a moniker she borrowed from the Queen track “Radio Ga-Ga,”} didn’t actually get her “big” break, so to speak, until a chance encounter with hit-maker Akon, who quickly snatched the, former, go-go dancer up, instantly inking her to his Kon Live imprint. The two immediately went to work on what would soon become her ground-breaking, now multi-platinum, debut, The Fame..

 I listen to a lot of seventies, recently got into Metal, and I’m inspired lately to do more Gothic Hip-Hop tracks.…...”


What exactly inspired the songs on your chart-topping debut album, The Fame? 

Lady GaGa: New York, Pop culture, and a really good party! 

What’s your favorite song on The Fame? 

Lady GaGa: “Paparazzi,” the first real Pop song I ever wrote. And, I love that it’s completely Pop, and completely me.

If you could have any musician’s career, other than your own of course, whose would it be? 

Lady GaGa: David Bowie, Madonna, Thomas Dolby, (and) Freddie Mercury. They all did it over and over again. And by “it,” I mean they did “themselves” and had multiple creative journeys that transformed them. I would say Yoko Ono, too…What a dream to be Mr. Lennon’s muse. 

If we were to look inside your refrigerator what exactly would we find? 

Lady GaGa: Batteries for my stage show and water. I used to cook all the time in the studio early on in writing my album, but it’s changed a bit on tour. 

What are the most played songs on your iPod? 

Lady GaGa: I really don’t listen to any one song regularly, other than mixes I’m analyzing for my record or tracks I’m writing to. But, I listen to a lot of seventies, recently got into Metal, and I’m inspired lately to do more Gothic Hip-Hop tracks. I used to listen to (The Beatles’) Abbey Road on repeat for almost a whole year, and I do listen to High Voltage AC/DC a lot — Little Wayne in the car, Frank Sinatra, Thomas Dolby. And, I like to be informed and get songs from producers that they’re working on for other artists. It keeps me creatively really focused on the future and how to stay fresh. But, my real love is Sigur Ros to just empty my mind with. John Lennon used to listen to Musak a lot, so I’ve committed myself to understanding the healing qualities of this kind of music.

What did you think life as a musician would be like when you first started out? And, how does it compare to what it’s really been like for you now? 

Lady GaGa: I thought it would be hard work and tireless creative obsession. And it is. And, I hope it will always be. Art for me is about commitment to the process. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.