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RAPINDUSTRY.COM is a music portal for people who share an interest in rap music, its culture, and lifestyle. RAPINDUSTRY.COM is a web site devoted to the RAP INDUSTRY community.

The unique nature of RAPINDUSTRY.COM as described in our Mission Statement means that the following terms and conditions must apply:

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Limitation of Liability

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If you provide information about yourself by filling out a feedback form or signing up to our mailing list or otherwise by telling RAPINDUSTRY.COM about yourself or your activities, RAPINDUSTRY.COM will collect that information for its own use to develop and improve its services. RAPINDUSTRY.COM may also use the information or parts of it to occasionally broadcast it or notify you about RAPINDUSTRY.COM events or related activities that you may find useful. If you believe that RAPINDUSTRY.COM is storing details relating to you and that these are incorrect, please write to us at the address below and the information will be corrected as soon as possible or removed from our database as you request.

Submission Guidlines:
Keep in mind any material submitted to RAPINDUSTRY.COM will not be returned. Make sure you have copies of your material/work before submitting. RAPINDUSTRY.COM is not responsible for returning any submitted material/work.

Governing Law

If you have any questions in relation to the above including any concerns about the images, logos or articles published on RAPINDUSTRY.COM, please contact us:

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