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December 2012

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It took a great deal of time and effort to put this together. This isn’t just

My boys will take over the world, and the process has already begun! They are truly

I was born into a family of musicians and all around music lovers. It was only

Priorities change as we all grow up, and what was important to us when we was

I was always musically inclined. I would memorize songs, (and) sing TV commercials. As an only

Delite was my best friend. Him and I formed the band. We just kept picking up

Well, as for Troop, we took off because I personally needed time away from Troop to

Bunny and I weren’t as enthusiastic about the direction our music was going in. We wanted

I'm really a right now type guy. I don't think we'd ever really know where we'll

As we all know, releasing CDs on an independent label can be a 50/50 shot depending

I’ve been living life just like everyone else, (and) enjoying the many blessings God has brought