JIM JONSIN – Music Producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


The value of doing “good, fair, and honest business” was learned by producer Jim Jonsin at an early age, and the lesson has paid off. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in South Florida, Jim began his career in music as a scratch DJ. At only fourteen years old, he was spinning at local skating rinks around town and practicing his new skills.

By the time Jim was 18 years old, he teamed up with Mass Jam Productions and created the label Cut It Up Def Records. This is when the young entrepreneur began his pursuit in production, and learned to play not only the turntables, but also keyboard, bass and drums. Jim’s first taste of success came from producing the bass single “Cut It Up Def”, which sold 40,000 units. Shortly after, he produced and rapped on his first regional hit song called “Party Time.” The song landed Jim a recording deal from label Heat Wave Records/Selecto Hits. Jim was now producing and rapping under the alias Jealous

Jay and dropped a compilation album, “Cut It Up Def Miami Bass Jams.” The album went gold and Jim headed on tour, DJ’ing for artists such as Cypress Hill, Markie Mark & the Funky Bunch, Luke, and 2 Live Crew.

In 1994, Jim signed a deal with Dynamix 2 Records and continued to produce bass compilation albums. After years of production work, the musician an independent label called Paper Chasers through Warner Brothers. He developed new talent and signed artists White Dog and Sons of Sacrifice. During 1998, Jim embraced the opportunity to work with Trick Daddy and Trina on Slip & Slide/Atlantic Records. Before long, the producer partnered with Blue and started developing the Miami-bred group of four brothers, Pretty Ricky. Recently, Jim separated from the production team Unusual Suspects and is now working solo under the name Jim Jonsin.

Jim is producing hit songs for major artists including Twista, Boncrusher, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Pretty Ricky, and even Jamie Foxx. His talent extends from alternative to hip hop music and he has an eye for spotting the next star.

Jim Jonsin, who is now CEO of Rebel Rock Ent. has recently been recruited and brought on board as
VP of A&R for Southbeat Records. Currently, Jim is working through his new label Rebel Rock Entertainment in which he hopes to produce, develop new talent, and eventually extend into the film industry. With his tenacious work ethic and creative versatility, Jim Jonsin has found the recipe to success for creating hit after hit. This multi-talented producer has made his mark on the music industry in a short time and he is just getting started.

Miami label Southbeat Records is banking on producer Jim Jonsin’s ear, both on the boards and in the boardroom, to take their current roster (J-Shin, Wrekonize, Rayito and Mayday!) and future signings to that next level by utilizing his production services and bringing him in-house as an equity partner and executive. Jim’s first projects out of the gate will be former Slip & Slide R&B crooner J-Shin, whose sophomore album can be expected in Spring of ‘06. His new single “If I Fall In Love,”
produced by Jim, is already hittin radio airwaves. Jim Jonsin states, “In a long tough career, it’s very refreshing to come across people who share my vision, passion and ethics. These are some real people here at Southbeat and I am in it for the long haul.” Southbeat CEO, Gregory Frankel continues, “With veteran production from Jim and the talent Southbeat has under its belt, the upcoming year looks promising.”

Jim Jonsin’s Work to Date:
Pitbull f. Pretty Ricky “Everybody Get Up”
Pitbull “Damnit Man”
Trick Daddy “Get Low”
Trick Daddy “Let’s Go”
Twista “Girl Tonight”
Trina “Here We Go”
Trina “So Fresh”
Bone Crusher “Wood Gripping”
Bone Crusher “It’s On”
Jamie Fox “Unpredictable”
Pretty Ricky “Your Body”
Pretty Ricky “Grind On Me”
Pretty Ricky “Playhouse”
Pretty Ricky “Get A Little Closer”
Pretty Ricky “Juicy”
Pretty Ricky “Call Me”
Pretty Ricky “Nothing But A Number”
Pretty Ricky “Get You Right”
Pretty Ricky “I Want You”
Pretty Ricky “Shorty Be Mine”
Pretty Ricky “Can’t Live Without You”
J-Shin “If I Fall In Love”