FLEX & HATED – Late 90’s to Now.

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


With two very prominent players in the music industry (Lenny S. & Conrad Dimanche) overseeing their development and business moves, flex & hated are on course to earn a name for themselves very soon. “Although, we are new as far as the mainstream, we have been in the grind for a long time, especially being from Wilmington, Delaware a place not known for its music scene at all its hard to get a fair listen, but it seems like people are finally starting to take notice, good music is good music”

Flex & Hated started out as a rap group in mid to late 90’s by the name of Cipha. After releasing a sucessful 12inch record that went on to receive highly complimented reveiwed in vibe magazine by writter blackspot, the two began focusing primarily on production. “Its easier to get the attention of the industry if you introduce your sound behind an artist that people are already familiar with”

The newly crafted business plan to focus primarily on production eventually led the two to produce a slew of unreleased songs for a few major artists. “We did work for Ali Vegas who was being managed by Bimmy at the time, we had a nice relationship with Bim & so we went to his hood & we did a few records, like that’s how we get down. We’re about the work ethic. I challenge anybody in this game to match our grind, like our motto is that your not gonna work harder than us, we epitimize the struggle & the have nots, all we have is our grind”.

The two also produced unrelease records for Onyx & WC of Westside Connection & they received credit for production work on the r&b group Prophet Jones that released an album on Motown in 2000. ” I believe that we have a lot more ghost records out there with a lot of major artist, I aint gonna name names but they know who they are, for now its good enough to know that cats like my music enough to do joints, right now our focus is getting as many records done as possible, we like to work that’s what we do, so to work with new artist is a great experience its like a challenge to see if you can make a hit record. & that’s what we trying to do make hit records, records that matter man.”

During their formative production years Flex & Hated were blessed to have worked under such producer greats as Dj Clark Kent & Rockwilder. “Yes, as far as those situations I consider them both blessing, although we didn’t for whatever reason get things popin business wise we have learned to appreciate the lessons that we learned by watchin those guys” We were in the studio when 50 cent did the record “fuck you” produced by Clark Kent. That was a great experience knaw mean so what can I say, we were also there when Rockwilder crafted the beat for the track he did on 50’s Get Rich Or Die Trying album. These were both priceless experiences.”

With 2 new records done with Bad Boy Recording artist Babs & in the works to do colaboration with Paul Wall, Flex & Hated plan on expanding their resume & a slowing carving out a place for themeselves in hip hop
history, “it’s like this man, if your in this game your in it for a reason, if that reason has no substance it won’t be enough drive to keep you around, were not only artist were fans of this music. Were really humble dudes but when it comes to this music its like a love affair man. We grew up watching and admiring this game. Now just to be able to met artist & be in the studio it means the world to us so we appreciate it that much more and we know that God is on our side, so we fear nothing, you can’t stop the sun from shining no matter what. Eastside’s finest!!!

Flex and Hated’s Work to Date:
2 songs with Ali Vegas (Casablanca) (unreleased)
2 songs with Onyx (Koch) (unreleased)
1 song with WC (Defjam) (unreleased)
1 track with Prophet Jones (Motown 2001)
2 songs with Babs (Badboy) upcoming release