SCOTT E. LEEMON – Repped 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Busta Rhymes & more.

People may not realize what all goes on behind the scenes to make music reach the masses. This is the spot where you’ll see who’s who in the Industry. The people behind the scenes who makes things happen. This will be the section where we feature professionals whom we think deserve the credit and recognition for their hard work that they contribute to this business we call the RAP INDUSTRY..

Each month we’ll bring to you a new professional along with their background.

SCOTT E. LEEMON, a member of the New York State Bar since 1996, has been a criminal defense attorney for the last 10 years. Mr. Leemon practices primarily in the federal and state courts of New York. Though a member of the bar of the state of New York, Mr. Leemon has handled both federal and state cases throughout the country. Mr. Leemon’s practice has taken him to such other locales as California, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois and New Jersey.

He’s handled cases for Young Jeezy, Armine Agnello (son in law of John Gotti and ex husband of Victoria Gotti), Curtis Jackson (a/k/a Fifty Cent), Tony Yayo, Busta Rhymes, Young Buck, among others..

While the practice primarily focuses on complex criminal defense at pre-trial and trial level, appeals and petitions for post-conviction relieve are also handled in a very professional and timely manner.

Mr. Leemon has handled many matters involving allegations of: Murder; Racketeering; Money Laundering; Narcotics Trafficking and Possession; Tax Offenses; Internet, Stock and Insurance Fraud; Gambling offenses; Assaults; and, many other crimes. In addition, Mr. Leemon has vast experience with criminal forfeiture issues and sentencing advocacy under the now advisory federal sentencing guidelines.

In particular, Mr. Leemon specializes in handling public matters. He has handled a wide array of matters that were followed by the national and international press. Specifically, for the last several years, Mr.
Leemon has represented many members of the entertainment and sports industry facing serious criminal allegations, either formally or in the early investigative stages that did not lead to charges.

Most recently, he obtained a dismissal of all charges against Jay Jenkins (a/k/a Young Jeezy) in a multiple Possession of Weapons matter in South Beach, Florida. Just prior to that, Mr. Leemon spearheaded the successful defense of David Darnell Brown (a/k/a “Young Buck” of G-Unit) in the assault with a deadly weapon charge relating from the televised stabbing at the 2004 Vibe Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Some of Mr. Leemons’s well known clients throughout the years of practice have included: Carmine Agnello (son in law of John Gotti and ex husband of Victoria Gotti charged with federal Racketeering); Curtis Jackson (a/k/a Fifty Cent on various matters);Trevor Smith (a/k/a Busta Rhymes on an Assault charge currently pending in New York); Jay Jenkins (a/k/a Young Jeezy on multiple charges of Possession of a Weapon in Miami, Florida); Marvin Bernard (a/k/a Tony Yayo of the rap group G-Unit charged with Passport Fraud and an alleged witness in the shooting of Busta Rhymes’ bodyguard); David Darnell Brown (a/k/a “Young Buck” of the rap group G-Unit charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Los Angeles, California and Possession of a Weapon in New York); Ralph Cuomo (the original ‘Ray’ of Ray’s Pizza charged with Federal Narcotics Violation); Christopher Lloyd (a/k/a Lloyd Banks of the rap group G-Unit on a Possession of a Weapon charge in New York); Steve Kaplan (former owner of “The Gold Club” in Atlanta, Georgia charged with federal Racketeering; and, Morton Gordon, Jr. (owner of Bean Blossom/ Bizarre Video charged with violating federal pornography charges in Tallahassee, Florida).