Collect Call With Suge Knight – Episode 3: Talks Eazy E, Hip Hop 50, & Loss of His Mom.

On episode 3 of Collect Call With Suge Knight we take a trip down memory lane where the appreciation of Hip-Hop runs deep. Listen as Suge discusses never before heard stories of Tupac & Eazy E! Suge also talks about when he first fell in love with Hip-Hop, the 50-year anniversary of hip-hop, and the need for a union and retirement benefits for hip-hop artists. We also get vulnerable while remembering the loss of Knight’s mother. Welcome to “Nostalgia.”


1:46 Tupac story that has never been heard

7:17 Tupac never wanted to leave Death Row

9:08 If Pac was still alive

15:20 Suge got Eazy paid!

16:33 the first time Suge fell in love with Hip-Hop

27:00 Suge speaks on conditions in county jail while trying to fight his case

27:45 Suge talks about losing mother while he was in jail and impact it’s had

30:08 Listen to Suge as you’ve never heard before, progression.

31:50 Suge speaks on incident where a man loses his life & he stepped up