Sky Tower Click – “Came A Long Way” ft Kokane + New Album.

Following the success of their debut album, San Diego rap collective, Sky Tower Click, return with another compilation of positively charged music, Came A Long Way, on Thump Records. The album showcases the combined talent of its three members alongside appearances by the legendary Kokane, R&B hearthrob KEVINRAY, and CJG.

Listen to their latest single, “Came A Long Way” featuring Kokane

Based out of San Diego, the three artists, Mackvillin, Nasty-O & Hustle Mac, believe their strength is in their complimentary styles. Not adhering to one format, or a set expectations, the trio seem to effortlessly tap into each other’s energy, while still staying true to themselves.

“The overall tone of the album reminds me of exactly why I fell in love with West Coast hip hop,” says Nasty-O. “Memorable hooks, engaging melodies and bass that thumps the speakers.”

The new album delivers a modern feel to the Legendary West Coast Vibe, building on the fire beats by producers Mackvillin & Delano Sounds, the new songs play like a greatest hits album.