BTS: Joyner Lucas Talks New Album, DMX Influence & Weighs In on Drake, Kendrick & more.


Dive into an electrifying session on Sway In The Morning as Joyner Lucas, the mastermind behind ‘I’m Not Racist,’ sits down for an unprecedented tell-all. Discover the genius that propelled Joyner Lucas to stardom, from his visionary direction to collaborations with icons like Eminem, Will Smith, and the legendary DMX.

Joyner spills on his journey, the struggles, the triumphs, and the lessons learned from DMX that changed his course. With Sway’s razor-sharp probing, Lucas delves into the heart of his artistry, revealing the inspiration behind his thought-provoking lyrics and groundbreaking videos. This is more than an interview; it’s a deep dive into the ethos of a cultural phenomenon.