Slated to be released late summer, Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live is destined to be one of the tightest albums of the year. The album has been co-signed and executive produced by two of the hottest names in rap music today: Lil Jon and 50 Cent. Cameo appearances on the disc include Lil Jon, 50 Cent, label mate Bohagon, Ma$e and Young Dro while production is done by top producers such as Lil Jon, Jazze Pha, Sha Money of G-Unit, Isaac Hayes III and Shondre (Ludacris, 8 Ball & MJG, Kelis).

“Lil Scrappy is one of the best up and coming threats down south,” expresses Lil Jon. “It didn’t surprise me that 50 wanted to be a part of this project. Scrappy has raw talent.”

Known to the government as Darryl Richardson, Scrappy has come a long way from the ugliness of southeast Atlanta’s merciless underbelly where he was reared. A soul survivor of Zone 3, Scrappy hooked up with BME in 2003 after making a name for himself around town with his homemade demos.


How did you get your nickname lil scrappy?
The hood gave it to me. The hood gave me the nick name Lil Scrappy , you know what I’m saying… I was always having an attitude going around bustin’ niggas over their shit.

How did you get into the rap game?
I got in the rap game by being notice by one of the best in the industry Lil’ Jon.

How did you and Lil Jon hook up?
I actually met him at a strip club, a swingers club that I couldn’t get into 

What were your inspirations growing up?
In music, Biggie, Pac, Scareface, everyone really, watching videos, being broke… I don’t know everything inspried me.

When do you say to yourself, I’m gonna make this a career and not a hobby?
When I got out of military boot camp in 2001. My joint was bustin’ in the clubs so I was like shit, might as well get my out for it.

Tell us about your new project “Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live”
Executive Producers, Lil Jon and 50 cent. We got Young Buck on the first single ” Money in the Bank.” The second is single ” Gangsta, Gangsta.” We got Mase, Oliva, Bohagon… little bit of this little bit of that…you know what i am saying? Half sorrow , half party. Be out this Summer

How did you hook up with G-unit? What’s the situation?
We had the same road manager, booking agent, and we were always around each other and just end up clangin like that… real nigga shit.

Who’s all getting down on the new album?
Production? Jon of course. Ky, Sha Money G-Unit Productions team work. Drum Squad from Memphis
Issac Hayes III we did the, “Money in the bank” single. Aqua from LA , Jr from LA, thats all.

What’s your favorite joint off the album?
“Like Me.” Cause it tells my little story, my little pain and hurt. And everything.

What would you say is a good reason for people to go out and get this album?
Cause I’m on that mother fucker. Thats why you need to go get it, cause I’m gonna make a lot of money if they go get it. Unless they want me to be broke. Its not for the haters only the playas. 

What’s the message you’re trying to get across with this album?
I’m trying to get across my little life. Its my first solo album. I want them to know me, Scrappy.

How did you get together with T.I. for the joint “I’m a King”.
Lil Jon hooked that up. I rapped on it and we did the video. We’re all from the ” A ” . Everybody from the ” A ” pay it to each other in the end, even if you don’t like them.

You plan on touring?
One day, when everything blows up I plan I doing a tour. With whoever or whenever… lets do it.

You got any other projects in the works? clothing, shoes, movies?
We got the Crime Mob album coming out, Dimond and Princess coming too. Hopefully I will be in a movie. G’s Wear clothing line. E-$ for the women. And some perfume and cologne.

What cd’s do you currently have in your ride? who you listening to right now?
Me (my CD) Everyday, happily and faithfully.

Who are you feeling right now in the rap game?
I feel Bienie Segal and Bohagon, my homie.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with?
I would love to work with Alicia Keys on some real R&B hip hop type shit. And always wanted to do something with Jay-Z.

You got any last words?
Keep your head up. Keep God first. And if you can do it yourself, do it for yourself for as long as you can. And if you can’t when push come to shove, make sure your paper is right and your business is right.