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This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


MIDI – A standard for representing musical information in a digital format. [ M(usical) I(nstrument) D(igital) I(nterface) ]

MAFIA – An organization prominent in a particular field or enterprise, associated with a particular traffic

The deadly combination, Midi Mafia, consists of Producer/Engineer/DJ Dirty Swift, and Producer/Songwriter/Artist Bruce Waynne. Bruce Waynne grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn, amid all the chaos and hustle of the BK streets. A brief stay in Riker’s Island proved enough to pull his attention away from the streets and towards a career in the music industry, where his talent for creating catchy hooks and beats lead him to sell over 60,000 units independently with his former group “US”. Dirty Swift on the other hand,
is a Canadian-born beat junkie who caught the music bug at an early age. He became a turntable wiz by high school, winning the DMC Canadian DJ Championship soon after, and later branched off into production, working with some of the biggest names in Canada. Determined to penetrate the US market, Swift left Ottawa, Canada and headed for New York City. As chance would have it, Swift and Bruce met in a Brooklyn recording studio, while both working on the same project. They vibed, and soon after, formed a partnership…hence, the beginning of Midi Mafia.

Since their inception in 2003, Midi Mafia became quickly known for masterfully assembling whole songs. The winning formula of Bruce Waynne lending his distinctive vocals, performing charismatic hooks and visual songwriting style, while Dirty Swift applying his DJ influenced methodologies and technical expertise generated what the music industry describes as “a ready-made hit”. After only 6 months of uniting their resources it resulted with 50 Cent’s “21 Questions”- which was one of the biggest songs to hit the charts that year. Their momentum spawned some of the heaviest remixes and hottest tracks for the likes of Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Young Buck, Mos-Def and G-Unit, and at last count the duo’s production is represented on over 20 million records sold worldwide. The group also garnered national media attention, appearing on BET’s 106th and Park, RAPCITY and spotlighted in Billboard, XXL, Scratch Magazine, Source Magazine and The Rap Report, to name a few.

Despite the success they have achieved thus far, the duo has had to endure tragedy in the middle of their rise to the top. 2006 saw Midi Mafia faced with their greatest challenge yet, the devastating spinal injury Swift sustained while riding his motorcycle during the summer in California. Against doctors orders, Swift was back in the studio within a few weeks of returning from the hospital after a marathon 7 hour spinal reconstruction surgery. Bruce Waynne faced his own challenges fighting a lengthy lawsuit from a former business associate and a painful breakup of his marriage. Despite the tremendous personal and business pressure, Midi Mafia collectively pulled together throughout the tragedy and have produced some of their finest work, the hit single “When I See You” off of Fantasia’s self titled sophmore album and the smash “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album to name a few.

Now poised to bring their very own offerings to the music industry, Midi Mafia is preparing to unfurl their new label, Family Ties Entertainment and launching their first artist Deemi, a female R&B sensation from Brooklyn critics are comparing to a young Mary J Blige and newly acquired R&B Soul artist “Baltimore’s Daughter”, Shire’. With their new label deal, a remarkable catalog of hits, and a long laundry list of artists calling on them to produce their magic, Midi Mafia has no choice but to be at the forefront of the next great movement in hip hop. After already proving that they have the skills and talent to pierce the entertainment industry, this two-man hit-making machine has definitely created a winning formula…Get Connected!


Jennifer Lopez Hold It Don’t Drop It Album:TBA (Sony/Epic)
Jennifer Lopez Heart Break Album: TBA (Sony/Epic)
Fantasia When I See You Fantasia (J Records)
Deemi Soundtrack of My Life Soundtrack Of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic)
Deemi Ima Be Alright Soundtrack Of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic)
Deemi I Don’t Care Soundtrack Of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic)
Deemi So This is Love Soundtrack Of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic)
Deemi You Were There Soundtrack Of My Life (Family Ties/Atlantic)
Flipsyde TBA TBA (Interscope)
Flipsyde Happy Birthday Remix Album: TBA (Interscope)
Flipsyde Angel TBA (Interscope)
O-Solo TBA TBA (TVT Records)
Lebo TBA TBA (Big Ego/Sony)
Tori Kelley TBA TBA (Geffen)
Penelope Jones Waiting Album:TBA (Universal)
(ft. Brick & Lace)
Penelope Jones My Shoes Album:TBA (Universal)
Brick & Lace Rally Back TBA (Geffen)
G-Malone TBA Album:TBA (Big Ego/Sony)
Bo Rilla Handle That Album:TBA (Sony)
Sam Scarfo Purple Haze Album:TBA (Def Jam)
Sam Scarfo So Gangsta Album:TBA (Def Jam)
Hayes Whats Up Now Album:TBA (Interscope)
Hayes That’s OK Album:TBA (Interscope)
Hayes Sucka For Love Album:TBA (Interscope)
Mack 10 Keep It Hood Hustlers Handbook (Capitol)
Mack 10 So Gangsta Hustlers Handbook (Capitol)
Players Circle TBA TBA (DTP/Universal)
Hayes TBA TBA (Interscope)
Players Club Duffle Bag Boyz TBA (DTP/Universal)
Nelly Getcha Getcha Sweat (Universal) †
Young Buck Thou Shall Not Kill Straight Outta Cashville (G-Unit)†
Miri Ben-Ari Its Goin Down The Hip-Hop Violinist (Universal)
(ft Cash Money )
Jean Grae You Don’t Want It This Week (BabyGrande)
Shaleik Rivers (ft Juvenile) Get To Know You TBA (Universal)
Talib Kweli Rock On Right About Now… (KOCH)
Talib Kweli We Got The Beat The Beautiful Struggle (Geffen)
Talib Kweli Planet Rock The Beautiful Struggle (Geffen)
Talib Kweli Black Girl Love The Beautiful Struggle (Geffen)
G-Unit Groupie Love Beg For Mercy (G-Unit) †2
CNN Yes Sir Single (Def Jam)
NORE (ft Bruce Waynne) Pin The Tail V3 Compilation (Jive)
Bravehearts Sensation Bravehearted (Columbia)
Bravehearts B Train Bravehearted (Columbia)
Bravehearts Buss My Guns Bravehearted (Columbia)
Gemma Fox Messy Album:TBA (Universal/Polygram UK)
Gemma Fox Goodman Album:TBA (Universal/Polygram UK)
Gemma Fox Crazy Album:TBA (Universal/Polygram UK)
Gemma Fox Love Me Album:TBA (Universal/Polygram UK)
Gemma Fox Hurting Me (additional production) TBA (Universal/Polygram UK)
Westside Connection Gotta Have Heart Terrorist Threats (Priority)*
Westside Connection Izm Terrorist Threats (Priority)*
Tamia (ft Talib Kweli) Officially Missing You remix Remix (Elektra Records)
Lil’Mo (ft Baby Cham) Forever Remix Remix (Elektra)
Lil’Mo (ft Free) 21 Answers Meet The Girl Next Door (Elektra)
Baby (ft Clipse) What Happened To That Boy European remix (Universal)
Rusty Waters More Cornbread Remix Remix (Virgin/EMI)
(ft 8 Ball & Juvenile)
50 Cent (ft Nate Dogg) 21 Questions Get Rich Or Die Trying
(Shady) †7
Angie Martinez Never Animal House (Elektra)
Choclair Love Em All Private Party 2 Compilation
(Universal Records Canada)*
also appears on Memoirs Of Blake Savage (Virgin/EMI Canada)
The Bad Seed Smokey Underground Airplay v1 (RED Dist)
SCEA NBA 07 The Life II” Video game Scored and produced game soundtrack (Video game)
SCEA NBA 06 The Life Videogame Scored and produced game soundtrack including original tracks by Talib Kweli, Sam Scarfo, Deemi, Midi Mafia, Bad Seed, Mims, Precious Paris (Videogame)
SCEA MLB 06 Heat It Up” feat T-Reps Produced original track for game soundtrack (Videogame)
Notorious BIG (ft Deemi) Suicidal Dreams Midi Mafia exclusive (promo)
Kanye West & Stat Quo OOOHH DRAMA Midi Mafia exclusive (promo)
BustaRhymes Light Your Ass remix Midi Mafia remix (promo) (ft. Flipmode Squad)
Midi Mafia Lets Get It On Family Ties/RPM Promotions remix