Egyptian Lover – Old School / Electro Funk is Back!

This is the spot where you’ll get to hear from the man himself–The legendary Egyptian Lover. He’ll be dropping science on all you youngsters about his journey back in the day and today’s hip hop scene. Each month he’ll share his stories, his views and opinions on hip hop.

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This month: Old School / Electro is back
Written by
 – Egyptian Lover

Hello Baby! It’s The Egyptian Lover
This month: Old School / Electro is back

Hello peoples, I have always said since my first article that the record companies and recording artist should make more uptempo songs and finally they are doing it. I love all kinds of music but in the clubs I want club music. Good, Dance music, Break a sweat music, get freaky music. I wanna see all my party people get down.

Yea I could play some old school 80’s jams but I need some new stuff to mix in it. Now finally I can get some uptempo style songs. They are coming out all the time. Uptempo R&B, Freestyle, Rap, Electro, All kinds. I’m Loving it. I just talked to “Freestyle” the group that made “It’a Automatic” with “Pretty Tony” out of Miami and they are working on a new album. I will most def do a song with them for that. “The Arabian Prince” is also doing a new album and we have done something together for that. I’m also working with “Dynamix II” and “Debbie Deb”.

WOW! This year will have uptempo everywhere. Also look out for the song I have done with Jimmy Edgar from Detroit. This will be the Year Baby. I’m busy busy busy and doing a lot of stuff. Touring almost every month and working in the studio on my off days. Keeping busy. 

So to all my D.J. and Producer and Rapper friends, DON’T STOP! Keep doing what you do…The time is coming…July 7th will be a lucky day for us all. 7/7/7 How much luckier can it get? I wanna see all my peeps out there make an album, a single, a movie, a video, a mark in rap history. I wanna see you on making noise and becoming all you can be. It’s hard to get started in the biz but it’s even harder if you never try. So I wanna see everyone try this year and become a star. Do your thing!

I started out a D.J. in High School selling mixtapes and trying to get a D.J. gig anywhere, I got lucky and joined Uncle Jam’s Army and I never stopped. I have been in the music biz all my life. I never gave up. So to all the people all over the world, if the music biz is what you want, Go for it 100%. Only one thing worse than failing, and that’s never trying. So get on your computer, get a program that you can work, make ya beats, write ya songs or raps and just do it. The world is waiting for you to become the next star.

To my Old School Fans…There is a lot coming for you this year. Freestyle Tours, Electro Tours, Rap Tours, The Hip Hop Pioneer Tour, and many many club dates. The Old School Artist are making a come back. Me and my friends will be rockin’ the world the way the world should be rocked.

See ya next month with some “How to get started in music” news 

Love to all my D.J.’s- Keep Vinyl alive!

Egyptian Lover signing off.