Egyptian Lover – Vinyl vs Serato Part 1

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New Tours coming to you! Serato vs Vinyl records
Written by
 – Egyptian Lover

Hello Everyone in Computer World,
Time is a changing and things look really bad for the old school D.J.’s out here in California. Tower Records is gone and many stores in Hollywood are closed as well. Records are getting harder and Harder to find. I guess eBay will be the only way to find things now a days.

It’s a shame that the new D.J.’s coming up will not get to experience the way we use to search through the crates and find rare gems. That was the best part of Bringing that hard to find record in and mixing it into your set and seeing the party people dance like crazy as the D.J.’s walk over to you and ask…Who’s That? Looking at the label and trying to figure it out on there own. That was the good old days. Now it’s the same label on the table. SERATO! What a waist of talent. How are you suppose to entice the on looking D.J.’s on a LapTop?

Wondering if that mix you just did was live or a pre-made mix at home? Hell, you might as well make your whole show at home and just play the damn thing on ya Laptop and go out and catch a few freaks while the music is being played. Talk about an invisible D.J.?

The more and more I go out and D.J. the more and more I see Serato and CDJ’s doing there thing. I then come up with my vinyl and rock the house with that analog feel that they aint never heard before. Bass so pure and vocals so real. Unlike that Digital crap that make the vocals hurt your ears.

Like I’ve always said…iPods are for kids, and Digital is for lazy D.J.’s. Hell, My Grandmother can mix on CDJ’s. At least on Serato you have to have some D.J. skill. But I for now will still use my 12″ records. Aint nothing ever gonna out do a pair of Tommy Boy Planet Rocks.

From the days of Uncle Jam’s Army till today as I get ready to do this Ol School Pioneerz Tour. I am gonna kill these turntables and perform my ass off to the analog sound I use to know and love.

Be prepared as I do it like a true old school D.J. does it. I will mix at every show before I go into my own Jams. Don’t miss the show as we just might come through your town.

And to my people in Europe I am working on a nice Tour for you as well. The rest of the year and in 2008 you are gonna have a lot of Egyptian Lover going around.

For all you D.J.’s … Keep doing what you are doing, at least it aint all video jocks on a Big Screen yet! I aint too mad at cha. Make that money. Keep me in ya mix.

I will finally put my songs on itunes and all the other MP3 download sites this year. I have had too many request. So here’s to you Serato D.J.’s, Download them all. I’m gonna keep my wax for now. I am also gonna do something special for my vinyl loving people. Rare Vinyl only 12″ singles coming soon on Egyptian Empire Records.

I gotta keep it real. My love is for the D.J.’s. But I aint forgot about my B-Boys. MP3’s are coming for you to.
Just not as much as the wax. Limited Editions coming soon. I’ll have more info next month. I’m gona pick up an iphone and see what all the hoopla is about. I’m gonna try to stay in with the times at the same time keep it real with the vinyl. We will see how that works out!

See ya next month

Egyptian Lover signing off.