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This month: Record Impact 

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 – Egyptian Lover

What’s up Rap Industry Peeps! It’s The Egyptian Lover again telling yall how much of an impact it is to use records when ya D.J.

I was just at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach and some of the true collectors and old school D.J.’s were there and saw what I did with vinyl and lost their minds. Just seeing the labels were enough to put them into a Disc Jockey shock. Original labels like… “Tommy Boy”, “Jam Packed”, Sugar Hill”, “Egyptian Empire”, “Freak Beat”, “Mirage”, Warner Brothers”, “Fantasy”, “Music Specialists”, “Metroplex”, “Cutting Records”, and many many more.

It is always fun to hear the people’s reaction when I play records backwards and then mix them back in forward at the same time. I have always said this is such a great trick on two turntables. As the party people watched in amazement I then went into my own records and performed them. Only one problem? The stage was soft in the middle and when we danced the record would skip. So I had a back up plan as usual and put a C.D. on while we performed my songs. So, though I love records to the utmost, I still believe in having a backup plan (C.D.) But when I am mixing…Only Vinyl will do.

There were a lot of my friends at the show. Friend I have not seen in 25 years. One of my friends has not seen me mix since 1983. He was shocked that I still had all those records and lost his mind along with everyone else. Everyone thought that it sounded so much better than C.D.’s and all the new digital songs that are being produced today. I had to agree. With the way songs are being made today.. will there be any great producers in the future? It seems like all our new producers are using their computer for a studio and pro tools to mix and master everything (if they even master it?). A lot of kids today just make the beats, add vocals, post it on myspace, sell MP3’s and call it a wrap? I sure hope the music biz does not end up like this. Music sounds so much better when you go to the recording studio with a good engineer, record the beat, record the vocals, take it to a different studio or mixing room, get a good mix with a good mixing engineer, take it to mastering, and then it is ready to press and sell. Yes it is a long and costly process but the sound is well worth it. Well at least the Major record company’s still go that route, but the Indies should also do it the same way.

Give the people great music and great songs. Not just a beat or song you made on your computer when you got tired of looking at porn in your bedroom LOL. Take the music serious. It is all we have to keep the world partying. Don’t let this be the downfall of rap and Hip Hop the way we use to love it. I will continue to go the old way of using real studios and expensive mastering. It’s what keeps my sound alive for years and years.

Just think…I made “Egypt Egypt” in 1983 and there is not 1 song that sounds as good ever made digitally. Yes…Digital Sucks! Let’s keep it real for as long as we can. Starting by using vinyl when we do parties, using studios when we record songs, and playing the music instead of sampling (that’s another problem) Where are all the creative people? Come on let’s get it together and put some real songs out there. Where are all the new producers at? Get into a studio and make some heat!!!

Much Love goes out to all the D.J.’s and record producers no matter what you use and what you create on. We are the worlds heartbeat. Let’s keep the planet dancing. If you can only afford to make songs on the computer, than do ya thang. If you can only make demos on the laptop, my love is with ya. It is a great way to start out.
But once you get it going. Keep it real. “STUDIO TIME” 

See ya next month with some “How to get started in music” news
Love to all my D.J.’s- Keep Vinyl alive!

Egyptian Lover signing off.