TWISTA- The Chi-Town Boss

by: Flex

The Chi-Town Boss is back folks! He’s gearing up for his new release Adrenaline Rush 2007. He chops it up about the new album and more..


It’s been a minute since we last interviewed you.. Hows things been?

Twista: Its been good, just working and trying to get the album done.

How did you go about getting your own column setup on the RedEye for the Chicago Tribune?

Twista: It was my managers idea, at first. But I’m glad it happened the way it did, I get to express the viewpoint of a young black man in America, I think I’m going to start asking other celebs that I know to get down with it to, so that, it aint just my view, but the view of the the hip hop community in general…

So you had the first Adrenaline rush album that was a you got this Adrenaline rush 2007 coming.. How will it compare with the first one?

Twista: Its more evolved like from that album to this one, letting people know…well reminding people I’ve been in this for over 10 years and even longer really, cause I had material before that album.

You called Bush “bogus” because of the veto in May….what in your opinion should be done in Iraq?

Twista: Aww man, that’s hard to say, cause, I don’t know the “real” reason why we are over there. I only know what’s being reported in the media and that aint what’s really going on, so its hard to say if I’d pull the troops or stay…but I’m sure if I knew what the reason was we are over there I’d do what I feel was best for the troops and fastest resolution.

Who are you voting for in 2008 and why?

Twista: Obama. To me he seems the most honest man, and dude got some really good ideas and concepts of how to get things done. He talks like he has sense, he has a lot of good ideas man.. a lot.

What’s the GMG (Get Money Gang) label all about?

Twista: Just my folks I’m down with from Chicago ya know, we getting money so we decided to call ourselves the Get Money Gang…and we putting it down……Speednot, Me, and all ya know.

You’ve worked with alot of artists..Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?

Twista: Sincerely, I can say everybody. I wanna make music with as many people as I can. And honestly I couldn’t sit here and say, well I wanna do a record with such and such if they call and want Twista to get down on a record, then I’m down,
I’m about making music.

What’s up with The Windy City Angels calendar? How did you go bout putting that together?

Twista: That was my managers idea, we wanted to do something for the barber shops, so we got some hot cars and shot some fly women and it came out dope. We wanted it classy, and at the same time sexy, so people would see it and be like damn…(laughs)

What do you do in your down time?

Twista: I’m into the cars, but I’m sure you already know that..(laughs), same thing everybodys does man, ya know, ima regular guy…I’m into movies real big too.

What’s the ultimate goal for you in hip hop?

Twista: I don’t wanna say there’s like an ultimate goal cause that doesn’t leave you anywhere to go….I wanna expand. I’m about making this music. I’ve done some acting stuff, clothes line, I just wanna keep going.