Suge Knight Reportedly Signed His Life Rights Over to Ray J

Sources close to the former Death Row Records boss tell TMZ he’s signed over his life rights to Ray, with the expectation he’ll make the right decisions with Suge’s story and make some money for him and his family while he’s behind bars.

We’re told Knight’s been friends with Ray J for decades and trusts his business acumen and ability to choose the right projects for film, TV, book publications and more.

According to TMZ, sources say a documentary on Suge and his famous record label is already being developed as well as a project about Tupac Shakur and there are discussions of bringing Death Row back. (saying it’s a longshot that would require additional investors but Suge’s letting Ray take the reins on exploring the venture.)

Suge, meanwhile, is serving hard time for at least the next decade. As we reported he struck a 28-year plea deal in his murder case last year, but got credit for time served and with prison overcrowding, he could be released in a little more than 10 years. Source: TMZ