Pull your Damn Pants Up!

Written by: Rick Sharpe

Disclaimer: This article is strictly based on opinions. You are entitled to your own opinion.

Amist the controversy over the law which bans sagging pants its time we give ourselves a reality check. I’m definitely not a fan of the tight jeans, and I believe in freedom of expression but we’re taking it too far.

When the problem gets so bad that ancient legislators feel they can tell us how to wear our clothes you’re creating a completely different issue. Imagine a national dress code, why it’s highly unlikey if you give fuel to a dormant match it will still spark a fire.

The general issue with sagging is not for most people who do it. It’s for the few assholes who walk around with no shirt, no belt and their pants completely below thier draws. Imagine your friend walking into your moms house dressed like that, wouldn’t happen. If you were in a predominitly urban area do you think the police would care? No, but you can’t go out in public like that.

All the remarkable things that we accomplish as a community continue to go unnoticed because reporters would rather cover urban ignorance than progression. THE EXCUSE!, “The law is racist”, of course it is, duh. We deal with racism on a daily basis but I won’t defend stupidity on the basis of race.

It’s small things like this that allow our liberties to be taken away slowly but surely. Sagging isn’t fresh, cool, or stylish. There are people protesting this who aren’t even registered to vote. Of all the things to take a stand on sagging?, I’ll pass.

Ignorance is normally rewarded with a quick laugh or feeling of relief and later a devestating loss or pain. Laugh now, cry later I can almost guarantee it. I wouldn’t want my niece, sister, mom, or grandma to have to see this when they’re walking out of a store. It’s tacky, disrespectful, and thoughtless. I remember when loud music was acceptable, neighborhood gathering are now called loitering, and hustling can be intrepreted as soliciting. If you continue to give them the fuel you’ll lay in the fire.

I could name countless reasons why this law is unacceptable but I won’t be a part of the soothing process for someone who doesn’t deserve it. I also won’t continue to give attention to this “problem” because the solution is very easy. If you’re sagging wear a shirt, if you don’t have on a shirt wear a belt, or pants that fit without you tugging on them every second, or just don’t do it in public you’re offending too many people.

As racist as this law is if you’re downtown in a public place dressed like this you should get a ticket,…… for stupidity. Would you defend a thief if you knew the owner of the property he stole it from had more than an abundance of it? He’s
still a thief right? Wrong is wrong, you cant’t justify one with another.

Don’t let some officer rob you of a productive day for what can be solved with one second tug. Stop making excuses, and pull your damn pants up!