Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Brings Peaceful Truce Among L.A. Street Gangs for Vigil

The murder of Nipsey Hussle has caused leaders of the street gangs in Los Angeles to organized a special vigil just for the the gangs to come together and mourn.

The meetup went down Friday afternoon and was attended by members from various street gangs around the L.A. neighborhoods.

Over the last couple of days, many meetings went on between the various leaders, and they felt that a peaceful march among themselves was needed to open up lines of communication and work on peaceful co-existence.

The memorial march ended up at Nipsey’s clothing store, and the place of his murder.

Prior to the march, community organizer BigU1 posted to social media requesting gangs ‘please come with the right heart’ and that each gang would be responsible for their own members. ‘The overall goal is to establish a structure that can go on further,’ BigU1 said regarding plans following the rally. ‘We have this, but then we want to start having satellite sitdowns with different gangs.’ The memorial vigil that was restricted to members of Los Angeles gangs showed a general peace unlike anything seen since 1992 when the Watts Truce between rival gangs began a trend of deescalating violence for the next three decades, according to TMZ.








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