KHAO CATES – rap music producer

This is the spot where you’ll see upcoming producers and Industry veterans in the game. A lot of people don’t know what goes into production. This will be the section where we feature the hottest producers in hip hop. Each month we’ll bring to you a new producer along with their background.


The Deep South has a rich legacy of producing some of history’s greatest leaders and trailblazers. So too is the story of producer, writer and artist Kevin “Khao” Cates. A Montgomery native, Khao has taken the hip hop industry by storm and has led an innovation in lyrical content and creative expressions that transcends musical genres and styles. While making moves into mainstream, Khao has garnered recognition and acclaim from today’s leading artists and industry insiders. His credits include production work with Lil Kim’s “Naked Truth” album, Paul Wall’s “The People’s Champ” album, P$C’s (Pimp Squad Click) “25 to Life” album, Young Jeezy’s “Thug Motivation: 101” and T.I.’s “Urban Legend”.

In 2005, Khao’s beats, lyrics, and production proficiency and talent propelled chart-topping artists to sell more than 8 million copies worldwide in that year alone. With more than ten years of experience under his belt, Khao has clearly established himself as a producer on the rise. Although his credits read like that of a more tenured professional, the 27-year-old plans to re-emerge as a major artist of the day holding fast to his first love of storytelling and performing.

Before becoming a multi-platinum selling producer, Kevin “Khao” Cates began his career as a member of the Crumbsnatchaz back in Alabama’s capitol city. However, Khao’s professional path would soon change as he soon found himself on the other side of the mic at Montgomery’s Hot 105 as the voice behind the Friday Night Street Jam. During that time, he established a strong listening base by incorporating independently signed artists into the daily rotation of chart-topping singles. It was then that Khao met Jason Geter, who now heads Grand Hustle Records (T.I.’s record label) as its president and formed a relationship that would catapult his professional career into new dimensions and a new city-Atlanta. He attributes that relationship and his desire to assist independent artists as the keys to his current success.

In his transitions from artist to songwriter to disc jockey to producer, Khao discovered a niche for developing a signature sound that embraces the essence of his southern roots that has become his distinction and industry trademark. Through his relationship with Jason Geter, Khao also teamed up with T.I. to work on his fourth album titled “King”. While working closely with T.I. on that album and the soundtrack for “ATL,” a feature length film starring the “King of the South,” Khao was named head of production for Grand Hustle Records/Atlantic. Khao has upcoming projects with Alabama native Reuben Studdard, Disney and more. In looking to the future, he remains passionate about emerging as not only a recognized producer but also a multi-platinum artist as well.

Through various experiences, Khao was groomed to become not only a noted musical genius but also an astute businessman. In addition to being a successful barbershop owner and entrepreneur in his hometown, Khao devotes much of his efforts to grooming other young artists at Intaprize Entertainment- a one stop shop for aspiring talent.

Despite new found fame and recognition, Khao remains focused and continually cognizant of his goal to always create ground-breaking music.

“Music should inspire people; it should make them feel and believe and grow. Those of us who are blessed with the opportunity to be in this business should never forget that.” -Khao


Urban Legend
Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records
November 30, 2004
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. Why U Mad At Me
2. Limelight (featuring P$C/Big Kuntry)
25 to Life
Atlantic Records
September 20, 2005
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. #1 Crew
2. Limelight (featuring P$C/Big Kuntry)
Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records
March 28, 2006
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. Why you wanna go and do that
2. Stand Up Guy
3. Hello
4. Undertaker
Young Jeezy
Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101
CTE/Def Jam
July 26, 2006
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. Last Of A Dying Breed – (featuring Trick Daddy/Young Buck/Lil’ Will)

Paul Wall
The People’s Champ
Swisha House/Atlantic
September 13, 2005
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. So Many Diamonds – (with TI)

Lil Kim
Naked Truth
Atlantic Records
September 27, 2005
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. I Know You See Me
2. Get Yours

Pimp and Da’ Gansta
February 27, 2001
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. Gimme Sum Mo
2. Ride

Keep It Pimp Keep it Gansta
February 25, 2003
Songs Produced by Kevin “KHAO” Cates
1. C’mon – (featuring Pastor Troy)
2. Keep It – (featuring Khao/DBK)
3. Lose Control (Candyman Pt. 2) – (featuring Silk/Mr. Blue)
4. Chicken Hustlin’