Egyptian Lover – Vinyl vs Serato – Part 2

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Monthly Column– 
This month: Serato vs. Vinyl
 part 2
Written by
 – Egyptian Lover

Hello Baby! It’s The Egyptian Lover
This month my take on: 
Serato vs. Vinyl

Today I flew to Switzerland with my bag of records and drum machine. They would not let me take my bag of records on as a carry on like I use to. This was very disturbing to me as I like to keep an eye on my records.
They are worth more than money could buy and could never be replaced. I thought strongly about serato. 
All this major security at the airport is killing me and my records. Traveling around the world is starting to be a headache. Though I love playing records. Keeping it real with the old school fans, I definitely know why people use serato. But you C.D. D.J.’s are still a bit lame. 🙂 Use a record as much as possible, or serato when it is difficult to use real records.

One more thing I noticed was a feedback problem when using records. You don’t have that problem with serato. So O.K. serato is cool, but you still don’t have the record labels and exciting show as with real records. So for now I will keep using records. Come see my show while you can. (With Records) and you will see what I am talking about. Records Rule! Maybe one day I will be forced to use serato, but for now it’s all records.

One day in the future there will be no more records to buy as everyone will go full digital. This can be good or bad. Bad because there will be no records for me to buy and I know mine will not last forever. Good because
my D.J. show will be different than everyone and I will demand more money for the real vinyl show. People will say “What? He’s using real records?” Yes that is my destiny.

Whatever the case may be. Us D.J.’s will have to keep the party hot either with C.D.’s, Serato, Final Scratch, or Real Records. We must keep the dance floor packed and the party people dancing. The only question now is can you mix well enough to keep the party going? I never just let the record play. I am always doing something to mix the record and keep the crowd pleased. I know they heard Planet Rock a million times, But they never heard it the way I mix it. With my triple threats, thousand threats, flashing, cutting, backspinning, and playing it backwards along with several other turntable tricks it’s a whole new record.

I only play old school record so I must mix it to keep the party movin’. I mix today as I did back in Uncle Jam’s Army and I never got any complaints. Some say I’m the best D.J. they ever seen. My new show is full of me mixing and performing and mixing some more and performing some more. If you have not seen me this year, make sure you do. As I keep old school alive and boomin’.

See you next month when I talk about “Old School”

Thank you
The Egyptian Lover signing off.