Dj EtRoNiK – 3x DMC USA Champion

Dj Etronik, based out of Los Angeles California. An accomplished dj who has risen beyond his own expectations. The first ever American dj to have represented the United States at the DMC World Finals in all three catagories. Having over 15 years of experience, Etronik has been involved in the L.A. party scene for a majority of his career.

Etronik knows how to read a crowd, having much experience from doing house parties and private events. He knows how to please a crowd with track selections fit for the event, but at the same time, adding his own flavor by doing remixes, beat juggles, and scratches on the fly. His style very much fits his name, “Etronik”.

“I do a lot of homework, I will watch old battles for inspiration, then I will listen to all sorts of music for ideas… I’m trying to be a part of everything I can right now, every year I try to pass myself and raise the bar. More titles will be nice, and as long as I can keep coming up with ideas, I will keep going. …”

Residing from L.A, what Dj’s inspired you growing up? How did you get into djing? 

My brother played a big role, also radio dj’s like, Richard Humpty Vission, E-Man, then my turntablist inspirations were, P-Trix, Beat Junkies, Roc Raida and all the X-Men, Q-Bert, D-Styles, Rectangle. Then the Allies, Craze, Klever, A-Trak. So many to list! 

Your top 3 Djs of all time (scratch dj, battle dj, party dj– doesn’t matter)

1st- Craze , 2nd- Z-Trip , 3rd- A-Trak

What’s it feel like to be the 1st ever American Dj to have repped the U.S. at the DMC World Finals in all 3 categories?

It was awesome! To know that I did something first in the very much respected world of the DMC is an honor. Each category is so different, it takes a lot of work to be able to do well, and win each category.

How important is it to continue breaking boundaries as a Dj?

I think as a DJ, it is very important, no matter what kind of DJ you are. If you can’t out-do someone else, at least out-do yourself. DJ’s that don’t follow this, are usually the ones who have a hard time finding work. 

Is it true you put a rubber band on your cross fader to add more resistance and practiced everyday for 5-6 hours a day beat juggling to get better? 

Yes, my buddy told me about the rubberband idea, it it really helped my fader hand speed. I would practice for about 5-6 hours a day on repeating all of my skills, then try to make them sound completely different. I would also try and develop something, then try and do it faster. There was just so much into creating routines, and it is a lot of fun.

How important is Crowd response in a DJ Battle?

It is very important, I would always try and perform to crowd please. Bottom line is, they are taking time out of their day to check us out, and sometimes they even gotta pay. So my routines are a way of saying thank you to them, at the same time, trying to win whatever battle I’m in.

What’s your process for a DJ Battle?

I do a lot of homework, I will watch old battles for inspiration, then I will listen to all sorts of music for ideas. Then I select the music I want to use. That’s when the fun starts, trying to take a song you like, and totally flip it! Once you piece all your techniques together, then there is timing the routine to fit whatever format you are doing. Then, do it over and over again! 

What did you think of the 2011 DMC championship? 

Everybody was so dope, clean and the whole vibe of the night was awesome. Vajra, was the clear winner, and he, all the competitors, and all the crowd was happy! In my opinion, probably the best DMC US Final ever. 

You gonna make a run for the title this year? 

Does Howdy Doody have …. nevermind lol. YES! 

Will you be in any future DJ events? If so, How many more titles would you want?

I’m trying to be a part of everything I can right now, every year I try to pass myself and raise the bar. More titles will be nice, and as long as I can keep coming up with ideas, I will keep going. 

Hows the gig over at KDay? Seems like you have alot of fun over there.. 

Yeah! Playing these sets really take me back. I enjoy the music selection, and the fact that it is so publically heard, so you know I am always sneaking in some funky cuts and juggles! 

What DJ gear do you use? you have any preferred equipment for mixing, juggling, etc?

I still own 6 turntables, the feel of a turntable is still by far the best for me. My mixer of choice is the Rane TTM-57SL just for the fact that I can rock Serato in an instant on that. I also love my Pioneer DJM-909, just an awesome performance mixer that has limitless capability.

How big is your vinyl collection?

It’s shrinking! I’ve donated and sold so much of my vinyl. Due to my living situation, I had no choice. I am still about 6 milkcrates deep though.

Do you prefer serato over vinyl? or one over the other? 

I will always prefer vinyl over Serato. There is just something about that beautiful sound of laying the needle on the record, and the bass always hits true from vinyl. I miss it, but I’m glad I can always go back to it. 

What kinda projects are you working on right now?

I am actually sharpening up my producing skills, I am looking to beginning a new career as a Producer for everything from Hip-Hop/Funk to Dance and Electro.

How is the Production coming along? Any artists you can mention that you might be involved/working with?

It’s coming along fine, I can see how my turntablist background is going to help with my production, as I seem to hear sounds differently, and can almost visualize what I want to do with that sound. I am currently looking for singers and rappers who are looking to work together.

How do you feel about today’s Hip-Hop music — Are you happy with it? who do you listen to? 

People like Lil Wayne and Drake are doing a good job by keeping it fresh. I don’t really hear a “West Coast” “East Coast” “Dirty South” style anymore, which is sad. Not so much for the purpose of rivalry, but just for the choice of flavor. But, times change, and I am never trying to bash on anyone, so I just enjoy it for what it is. I do admit though, I love bumpin’ my old tunes from 2Pac and Biggie.

Appreciate the time fam, any last words?

I just want to say thank you, and want to let everyone know I’ll be here for a long long time doing what I love! DJ for Life! EtRoNiK!