Egyptian Lover – Female DJ’s, Parties, etc..

This is the spot where you’ll get to hear from the man himself–The legendary Egyptian Lover. He’ll be dropping science on all you youngsters about back in the day and todays hip hop scene. Each month he’ll share his stories, his views and opinions on hip hop.

Monthly Column-
This month: Female DJ’s, Parties, etc..
Written by – Egyptian Lover

Hello Baby! It’s The Egyptian Lover
This month: bits and pieces on Female DJ’s, Parties, etc..
Let’s Party!
What’s up Rap Industry! I have been very very busy. I have also been checking out different D.J.’s doing different things. I have come to an understanding that as long as the crowd is still moving you are doing a good job. I may not like the kind of music you are playing, but if the people dance…. then it’s all O.K. with me. I’m a party person myself and I like to see people dance and have a good time. So if it’s House, Ghettotech, Hip Hop, Crunk, Old School, Techno, Disco, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Rock or Pop, Whatever moves the crowd…Move them to your set.

Rather you use Serato, C.D.’s or Vinyl…Do your thang. I have now seen many different things and I did them all. The most important thing is to make that sexy girl in the club dance and want to come back and see you D.J. again. After all, all we D.J.’s do is for the Girls. Right? But what about the girl D.J.’s?

Maybe they do it for the thrill of rockin the party. We fellas do get that thrill as well. I get the thrill of seeing all the crowd gettin down and loving the music. I just played for a 18 and over crowd and had the youngstas rockin’ to the old school set that I played. Songs that were made before they were even born. But they loved the way I was mixing it. Planet Rock backwards always get the crowd moving. The trick I do on the turntables is something to see. Yes…This D.J. can really get down. I also bring my 808 drum machine and give them Bass galore.

I am so glad that this is my life. Making people dance to the music I make and the kind of music I Love. Sometimes I just smile because I love it so much. And then I get paid for it. 🙂 WOW! What a life. I hope every single D.J. in the world lives their dream and accomplish what they want out of this Music Biz. It is so much money to be made out there. Make that money. I’ll be around checking you out doing what you do best, making people dance…getting the cute girl in the club…being the star of the night…and the power to break a record. POWER TO THE D.J.’s

O.K. I gotta go do Capitol Records Christmas party, That is going to be a tough task. I’ll have to get Arabian Prince to help me out with his serato 🙂 because I can’t bring all those records to the party.

See ya next month…I’ll be talking about making it big—- “D.J. to Producer”

Love to all my D.J.’s- Keep Vinyl alive!

Egyptian Lover signing off.