Young Ca$h – In It To Win It

By: Todd Davis

As the latest act to emerge from the ‘House that T-Pain Built,’ Nappy Boy Entertainment, Young Ca$h is out to show and prove that his mentor/boss isn’t the only one who came to bring the, pardon the pun, Pain! 

Although he’s currently holed up in the lab, hard at work on his anticipated, still untitled solo debut, in the meantime peep Young Ca$h’s undeniable ‘star power’ on two of the hottest records of the summer; “All I Do Is Win (G-Mix),” spitting alongside the self-proclaimed Teddy Penderazdoun, Bun B, Gudda Gudda, Yo Gotti, Tity Boi, Iceberg & Field Mob, as well as Travie McCoy’s, “The Manual” — Nappy Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy! 

When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?

It all began with my parents, they were both gospel singers. So, music has always been in me. I didn’t really entertain it till about junior high when my homeboy wanted me to join a chorus class with him. I didn’t even know I could sing till then. Then in high school, my brother was really into the rap thing, and I looked up to my brother, so I just followed his dreams to get into the rap game. So, we started a group called the 904 CLICK.

Where exactly do you hail from?

I’m from the westside of Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up between Duval County and Clay County. That’s why I say, “DUUUVAL!” a lot, because it’s a saying we say to represent where we’re from.

Oh, okay. So, whose music did you actually grow up on?

I used to like a lot of up north music, like; Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, and a lot of others until the south came in with that major movement! The older southern cats I liked a lot, like; Geto Boys, 8Ball & MJG, and, of course, my favorite group of all time, Outkast. Outkast, and the whole Dungeon Family, influenced me musically, but what really got me motivated to get in the business was the independent movement that Master P and Cash Money, and all the artists in Texas, that were making moves without a major record label.

When did T-Pain, CEO of Nappy Boy Entertainment, come into the picture?

I used to come to Tallahassee, Florida, a lot to promote music, and one day at the radio station the deejay played me a song called “I’m Sprung.” It wasn’t big at the time, but I knew it was going to be a huge song. Then they told me the person who did the track and the song was one of the guys from a popular Florida group called the Nappy Headz. So, I asked the deejay how much did this dude charge for beats, and he told me fifty dollars and called the dude to come meet me at the radio station so I could buy beats. The guy was T-Pain! So, we met, and I followed him back to his house in my Hummer where he had a lil studio set up in his room. Then, I asked how much for tracks and he said, “From $100 (to) $500 dollars.” Then I told him how the deejay told me he was selling them for fifty, and he told me that people have been hating on him and try to lowball him to potential clients. Me coming from a place where hate is at an all time high, and understanding his pain, gave him $1,000 a track for 2 or 3 tracks. Then I told him to come back to my city and I would work out another deal for 10 tracks, and we did. After that, he would come to Jacksonville and stay at my crib when he was in town, and we became close friends. Eventually, my music took notice to Universal Records, and I was flying to L.A. to sign a deal and I told them about T-Pain and his song. So, they agreed to fly him out, too. I signed my deal, and Pain didn’t ’cause they only wanted to give him a single deal because they didn’t know his talents at the time. Months later, he signed with Akon and the “(I’m) Sprung” song blew up, as well as his career, while SRC/Universal we’re dragging their feet with me. Pain then told me a couple years later that he wanted me on his label and bought me out of my deal at Universal, and signed me to his label, Nappy Boy.

Musically, what type of “vibe” are you on?

My music “vibe” is a big melting pot of all types of music. I started off my career with “gangsta” rap music, because that’s what my life was. Basically just doing reality music, but as I started to grow as an artist and started expanding my musical talents and singing more, I started mixing my music with rock, alternative, pop, and “gangsta” music. So, there really isn’t a name for the type of music I do.

Young Ca$h, a.k.a. Joey Galaxy, how did that moniker come to be?

Young Ca$h came from the O.G.’s who raised me. They knew I liked money, so they started calling me Ca$h. I added the “Young”
later. Joey Galaxy was kind of like my alter ego when I sang on records, because nobody knew that I could sing. I would sing hooks and tell people it was somebody else, because I was afraid of people looking down on the fact that this “gangsta” rapper was singing. Then I learned to embrace it. Now, Joey Galaxy is here forever!

Have you titled your forthcoming solo debut yet? If so, what does that name represent both to and for you?

I think I’m gonna name my first album Contradictions. I just feel like that’s what life is all about. Sometimes you feel one way, and sometimes you feel differently. That may change though, that’s just how I’m feeling right now.

Who all did you enlist in regards to the album’s production? 

I have my own production team which consists of the Trump Boyz, which is Bishop Jones & Kenn Franklynn, and my first in-house producer, MGeezy. Also, Nappy Boy producers; Tha Bizness and Young Fyre. I also work with a few other producers like K.E., Jim Jonsin, Cashous Clay, (The) Diaz Brothers, and many more.

Are there any special cameos to look out for? 

Besides the Nappy Boy artists, nobody as of right now. I want to let people hear Joey Galaxy first.

Do you have any personal fave track(s)? And, why that one/those specifically?

I like everything I do ’cause if I don’t, then I’ll scratch the song. If it’s done and completed, that means it’s one of my favorites.

What are your immediate plans for lasting in this grueling business of music?

Keeping God first.

Besides music, is there anything else that you’d like to get involved in or with? 

Of course movies. I feel like I can do anything, especially acting. And, I also want to write cartoons. I got inspired from the cartoon T-Pain did that I’m a part of called Freaknik on Adult Swim. I’m the main character on the cartoon, Virgil.

On a more serious note, how do you view the current climate of today’s Hip-Hop artists — Are you content with it? 

I’m cool with it. I think the people that aren’t are the ones that aren’t eating. Hip-Hop is always changing, and you gotta keep up and adapt with the times. I just wish that MTV and BET would start playing more videos — MORE VIDEOS!!

Everyone either knows your music already, or will become familiar with it soon, but who exactly is Young Ca$h? 

I’m just a man of God trying to be successful in the music/movie business, and provide for my family and friends.

And, what do you like to do in your spare time completely away from this music? 

Play with my son, and that occupies most of my spare-time ’cause he’s autistic, so he’s a handful. Also, in my spare-time, if I’m not with my son I can’t escape the music. It’s work and a hobby!

What are your future long-term goals in life?

Simply to win!

As for now though, your debut solo album is due out when? What will the “official” lead single and/or video be? And, are there any plans to tour behind it? 

I’m not sure when my album is coming out, but my single we have in mind now is called “Club Hoppin'” or “Round of Applause.” I have lots of singles to choose from. These are the ones that are up right now.

What’s that “live” show element (gonna be) like? 

It’s a blessing to have people vibing off of music that you created in your own head, then put down in the studio, then put out to the masses. I feed off the peoples’ energy, and no matter if it’s one person in the crowd, or 100,000, I’m going to give the same energetic show.

Are there any future mix-tape(s) or cameos on others works to look out for from you in the meantime? 

Yeah, I have two mix-tapes out right now. One, hosted by DJ Khaled, called Motion Picture, and I’m Just Tryin’ To Win, hosted by DJ Smallz. I also have (another) one called Fedbound. Also, (Adult Swim still plays) the cartoon Freaknik.

Is there anything else that I may have left out or forgot to ask about? 

I have my own label called WIN ENTERTAINMENT. I started this thing called the “Win Movement” that a lot of people are getting down with all over the world. The definition of the win movement is this, “A positive thinking group of individuals, who put God first on their journey to success with no hate towards others.” — Joey Galaxy

Sadly, nearly one-year-to-the-date, on Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost the greatest entertainer who ever lived — What was your first reaction upon hearing the tragic news? How does Michael Jackson’s untimely passing affect, not only you, but, music in general? And, in the wake of his demise, what does this mean for the future of recorded music? 

It was a sad day for the whole world. I just feel like Michael Jackson should be used as a status you strive for, ’cause no one has reached it yet.

Any message for our readers??