What up with the Synth?

Written by: Rick Sharpe

After listening to Jeezy’s latest song with Kanye I noticed that Yeezy (normally one of the most creative artist in the game) used a voice synthesizer, like Snoop before him and most famous for it, T-Pain. It reminds me of the “bling era”, the “throwback era”, then the “change clothes” era with Jay-Z, before the newly accepted rockstar look with the snug clothes that would of got you called homo five years ago. One person makes it famous and the rest of the game follows, nothing new, no one dares take a chance at reaching outside of the box, now filled with mass marketed squares. Millenium music is simply a game of Simon says and if you’re good you can follow the leader to a check almost, but NEVER quite as nice.

Should we blame T-Pain for the current craze?, No, I’m not a fan but I’m also not a hater. It’s actually not the first time it’s been done, just the first time it’s been mimicked so much. The rap game is like the crack game, most rappers are junkies fiending for a hit, and after the high comes down you realize that you have nothing.

Anyone listening to albums you bought three years ago? I’ll wait….

I’ve threw more cds out the window this year than in my entire life, outside of maybe 15 rappers and thats being generous– rap is terrible. Maybe we should blame other rappers for not creating their own trends, their own style, but if we’re going to continuously support hitmakers instead of musicians maybe we should blame ourselves. The top five rappers fifteen years ago, could easily work their way into the same spots today, but if you look at the top five rappers today, (going by the numbers, not your favorites) they wouldn’t stand a chance ten years ago.

Today it’s all zombie music and the latest addition is the synthesizer. Ever go to the club and try to stand out with the same outfit?, lol It’s the same with the synthesizer, most rappers wear school uniforms, and think rolling up one sleeve makes them different.

When I first heard Nas say Hip-Hop is dead I thought he was just hating on the south but after careful review I realized he’s almost right. Where will the game be in five years?, it’s a pretty ugly picture to think about who could possibly carry the torch, seeing many rappers SHOULD retire in the next few years, and give the game a new voice that it desperately needs, but until then lets just pop bottles, murk our haters, get fresh, and kick it, noting more or less. So while the synthesizer may amuse you now it, like hip hop will slowly start to annoy you before it finally dies out like cancer.