The Game Defends His Character, Position On The Westcoast, New Album & More.

The game took to IG and vented to people trying to clown his character and his absence from Kendrick’s Pop Out Concert. He talks his longevity in music, family, opinion on Kendrick’s pop out concert, opinion on Drake & Kendrick beef and more.

“Been seeing sh*t swirl around the internet, and sometimes, man, y’all got to hear it from the horse’s mouth, man,” Game said in the response below. “Muthaf**kas in my DMs, and all on these blog sites and whatnot, talking about, ‘The West Coast ain’t f**king with you, and you ain’t this and you ain’t that, and you’re siding with this ni**a and that ni**a.’ When the f**k y’all heard me say a muthaf**king thing about who I’m siding with or this and that? I’ll be in my own lane chilling, taking care of my kids out the f**king way. That’s how I made it this far in this game, man.”




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