by: Flex

We’re back at ya with that Westcoast Duo AMG & QUIK- AKA “The Fixxers”.
They discuss the new album, the label, Who they want for pres., and more..

How did yall come to form the group?

Quik: It naturally happened. It wasn’t planned ya know. Certain people just gravitate towards each other. He was a cool nigga.. we started hanging out and ya know we clicked.

AMG: Mmmhmm!!! (laughs)

I hear y’all talking about Fixxers music. What’s the science behind the name and flavor?

Quik: It aint really no science. We was talking about about names and my nigga Greedy saw us in there working, and he noticed us working on separate equipment, but in the same place, and we kinda looked like some carpenters and shit..ya know, and he coined the phrase ya know.

How would yall describe the west coast hip hop scene right now?

Quik: Its bubbling. People are open to more than just G funk out here now.. ya know.

AMG: you see a lot of West Coast Jay Z niggas….(laughs) I see a lot West Coast Pharell niggas…(laughs) Its crazy like after ’96 the New York sound influence was crazy out here…which is fine. I love Jigga and all that music, but how do you sound like you from Brooklyn and you’re from Watts?

Quik: Check it.. real shit… I was in the studio with Dr Dre in like 2001 or 02, Dre was like check my new artist.. so he plays the music and I’m like, damn you signed Method Man? (Laughs) it was the Game….(laughs) that’s what he sounded like to me. Like where is he from? But its cool, cause all the west coast gangsta shit we made back in da day made niggas back east go buy khakis… so its all good.

The availabilty of digital music is really making it difficult for artists to sell records. Any thoughts on a solution?

AMG: See, I’m old enough to remember when the interet shit started and….

Quik interupts: Can I interject on this one?

AMG: Can I finish muthfuka? Damn! (laughs)

Quik continues: AMG seen it coming a looong time ago. He coulda been like Shawn Fanning of Napster…but he love pussy too much.

AMG: The thing is, I knew about it way before niggas did, but when you tell niggas with money that don’t believe you.. You can’t get any nigga investors to invest in yo shit…niggas gotta wait until everybody else
do it.

Quik:Yea, niggas are late visual creatures n shit.

AMG: See, niggas are scared to do shit, since we got on that boat a long time ago, Ima Black Man. I do shit. Niggas don’t. That’s why I don’t be telling niggas my ideas anymore…cause niggas will catch em 10 years later.

Yall also have a production company together right? Is this album an introduction to that whole Fixxers sound?

AMG: Fixxers is a production company.

Quik: We have artists underneath of us. We got Nina Lee…she signed under us. She’s fire……she’s 22 years old….she writes crazy.

Who are yall voting for in 2008?

Quik: I aint gonna say. I don’t know yet.

AMG: I’m going go with black. Obama. Not just cause he black, but because of what I think he can do as a man first. I’ma give him a shot. Like Hilary had two terms already. She know she ran that shit! (Clintons
administration) she want her face on the new dollar or something.

Quik: But you gotta admit, when Clinton was in office… we had a trillion dollar surplus. We was chilling. Wasn’t nobody trippin’. Now you got this cowboy in office, he giving away American dollars! He trying to
turn Iraq into a new America. They just spend how many billions of dollars?

AMG: See thing about Bush is that he’s more of a business man than a people person. He don’t give a fuck about people, and you can feel it.

Quik: You know what, I might vote for Obama too, only because I believe he’s sincere.

Is there a secret to longevity in this game?

Quik: the secret of longevity is the secret…(laughs)

AMG: Staying alive. It’s not even a secret…Naw, keep working……that’s the secret.

When is the album dropping?

AMG: August, we got something brewing my nigga Flex… the Dogg Pound nigga the other night said, we about to “Fix” west coast hip hop….that means we affecting people now.

When yall come to New York we are definitely hanging out..

Quik: Fa sho, Thank you for having us.