Glasses Malone – Cali Iz Still Active

By: Todd Davis

Charles Penniman, known to the masses as Glasses Malone, is a Left Coast emcee who grew up in Watts, California, a residential district in Southern Los Angeles. G. Malone first debuted with a pair of popular street releases; The Crack Mixtape, in 2003, and its successor, White Lightnin…Sticks, nearly two years later. The latter, White Lightnin…Sticks, sold well over 30,000 copies, and spawned the regional hit “Two Hunned.” In addition, it brought the majors out in droves, and after a fierce bidding war Sony Music stood the victor. Or, at least at that particular time, so it had seemed…

Now, after numerous release date setbacks/delays, and a more-than-promising new label situation, the, one-time, Crip gang member and, former, drug dealer’s highly anticipated, yet oft-delayed, debut, Beach Cruiser, on Hoo Bangin’/Cash Money Records, will soon finally see the light of day! But, in the meantime, however, Mr. Malone has a few additional tricks up his sleeve.

First things first, there have been talks of your long overdue, solo LP, Beach Cruiser, for quite some time now –2006 to be precise! And, despite the release of three popular singles; “Certified,” “Haterz” and “Sun Come Up,” from the set, an album has yet to materialize — Why is that? Can you elaborate on the reasoning…

None of my singles have reached super hit level, like other Cash Money singles. Gotta deliver that mega smash!

I see, Well, the good news is that a fourth, and “official” lead offering, “I Get Doe,” surfaced not too long ago, which gives a glimmer of hope that Beach Cruiser, hopefully, may now arrive sooner rather than later — Is that an actual fact?

“I Get Doe” just proves Cash Money believes in my talent and haven’t given up. Beach Cruiser is on the horizon, and as excited as everyone is to hear it that can’t match my excitement to play it for you.

Produced by, and featured on the track are, The Cataracs — So, who exactly are they?

They are two of the best producers and songwriters on the planet, hailing from Berkeley, CA!

Now in addition to Beach Cruiser, what are some of your future plans & goals for the imprint, Blu Division? And, who currently makes up the label’s artist roster?

My focus is between getting Division Music going, as well as producing films.

In the meantime, are there any other mix-tape and/or contributions on others’ works to look out for from you soon?

Drive By Muzik. We just leaked the first joint off that project titled “Still In The City,” and will follow with a new joint every Tuesday till you hear all 9 songs on Drive By Muzik.

Cool, deal! Now another track, “Girls Everywhere,” featuring YG $oprano, semi-recently emerged, and it’s also making its rounds on the ‘net! Tell me about this dope new record — How did it even come to fruition?

That’s the street single off the Mack & Malone album titled Money Muzik, a collaborative album with Mack 10 and I. That album is hot! January 4th 2010! Mack & Malone Money Muzik!

With that being said, what all can you tell me about this forthcoming collaborative effort with Mack 1-0? Highlights, i.e., Production Credits, Cameo Appearance(s), Favorite Songs, etcetera?

Money Muzik is top secret, but it’s 100% Hoo-Bangin’! It’s one of the most visual albums in years is what I will say.

Why’d you all title it Money Muzik?

Its called Money Muzik because its music to get money to!

Makes sense. Okay…Ice Cube Vs. “New West” — Care to weigh in on that whole situation?

Haha! To even be recognized by a legend is priceless!

Is there anything else that you’d like to add or offer that I forgot to ask or inquire about?

Please come check out the Independent Grind Tour, when it stops near your town, starring yours truly and Jay Rock,
headlined by Tech N9ne and E 40!