Soulja Boy Talks Drake Copying His Whole Style.

“Y’all n—-s better stop playing with me in here,” the “Crank Dat” rapper began when talk turned to his “We Made It” collaborator. “Stop playing like I didn’t teach Drake everything he knows.” Soulja Boy then continued to rap some bars from Drake’s “Miss Me,” saying he ripped the title and lines directly from his “What’s Hannenin'” record that SB released back in 2007. “Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake,” he said.

“I had to take them bullets. Everyone doing what I did. They laughed at me and now they doing exactly what I did and now I’m being shunned,” he explained. “I’m the reason why all these artists have social media, y’all should thank me. All y’all record labels, you owe me five percent.”