Paul Wall – “Covered In Ice” ft. That Mexican OT


Renowned Houston rapper Paul Wall is back with another single release ahead of his upcoming album via Oiler Mobb/ONErpm. “Covered In Ice” featuring fellow Texan artist, That Mexican OT is available today on all streaming platforms. This track serves as a teaser for Wall’s highly anticipated upcoming album, giving fans a taste of the fiery energy and lyrical prowess to expect from the rap maestro.

“Covered In Ice” showcases Paul Wall’s trademark style, delivering razor-sharp verses over a hypnotic beat that effortlessly blends classic and contemporary rap elements. That Mexican OT’s distinctive flow adds an extra layer to the track, creating a synergy between the two artists as they rhyme about their heavy-hitting jewelry and gleaming grills. “Covered In Ice” isn’t the Texas rappers’ first collaboration as Wall was featured on OT’s single “Johnny Dang,” earning OT his first Billboard 100 hit and placing Wall back on the chart for the first time in 16 years.

This single, pulsating with raw energy and lyrical finesse, is a testament to Paul Wall’s continued evolution as a rap icon. Known for his authenticity and dedication to the craft, Wall’s forthcoming album promises to be a testament to his enduring influence on the rap industry.