‘Mind Your Business’ Debuts With More Than 2 Million Viewers.

The newest Bounce TV original series, “Mind Your Business, handled its business beautifully in its debut as its first two episodes reached more than 2 million households over the course of premiere weekend telecasts – an all-time high for a Bounce original series.

The first two episodes of “Mind Your Business” premiered back-to-back on Bounce on Saturday, June 1, from 8-9 p.m. ET, and its initial airing burst included special presentations on Bounce’s sister network ION and locally owned & operated Scripps networks. The 10-episode first season is running Saturday nights throughout the summer, leading into the return of the hit Bounce series “Johnson,” which will start airing new episodes Saturday, Aug. 3.

“Mind Your Business” is a half-hour situation comedy featuring an ensemble led by Columbus Short (“Scandal,” “Stomp the Yard”), Drew Sidora (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “That’s So Raven”), Rolonda Watts (“Rolonda”), and singer/radio host Bebe Winans. It centers on the Williams family, which is in the business of celebrating some of life’s most significant occasions with its event and party space in Chicago. However, when it comes to their own family affairs, there seems to be a bigger need for referees than DJs.

Like many small businesses, the once-prospering 30s-and-older lounge owned by Lucille Williams (played by Watts) took a huge pandemic hit, forcing her to close. Lucille’s baby brother, Henry (Winans), couldn’t stand by and let Lucille’s Place slip away, so he recruited his fraternal twins, Aaliyah (Sidora) and Alfonso (Short), to keep the business in the family. With Aaliyah’s creative sensibilities and Alfonso’s business mind, a safe space for planning and hosting events was born. Alfonso’s wife, Kimberly, and son, Alfonso Jr., join the event planning team. Even Aaliyah has one of their chosen family members, Mia, join the team; she is a jack of all trades – so she thinks. Although the new-and-improved “Lucille’s” brings everyone together, their affairs end up causing a mess bigger than a college frat party.

“Mind Your Business” also features Caryn Ward Ross (“Fame,” “Monogamy,” “Patterns of Attraction”), Brely Evans (“Ambitions,” “Being Mary Jane,” “The Man in 3B”), Bryce Xavier (“A Bennett Song Holiday,” “Stay Tuned: The Movie,” Total Eclipse”), and Chloe Elise Ellis (“Borrasca,” “Footprints,” “Three Stories Up”).

“Mind Your Business” is produced by Harvest Studios and executive produced by Bentley Kyle Evans (“Martin,” “The Jamie Foxx Show.”)