LL Cool J Sues Rock the Bells Promoters Over Trademark

LL Cool J has sued the people behind hip-hop music festival Rock the Bells. The lawsuit alleges that concert promoter Guerilla Union and its founder Chang Weisberg filed to trademark “Rock the Bells” back in 2004. LL appealed to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel Guerilla Union’s Rock the Bells trademarks last year, but the lawsuit claims that Weisberg continues to attempt to trademark the name for various purposes. LL is seeking an injunction to stop Guerilla Union from using the name.

In the suit filed in federal court in California on Tuesday, the rapper contends that “Rock the Bells” has “acquired distinctiveness and significant secondary meaning, such that Plaintiff owns trademark rights in ROCK THE BELLS.”

The suit contends, Guerilla Union “is still making limited, passive use of its ROCK THE BELLS mark without Plaintiff’s permission or authorization.” The suit specifically mentions a “parked website” bearing the phrase Rock the Bells, as well as a Twitter handle, Facebook account and MySpace account.

According to the suit, this June, LL Cool J sent a letter to Guerilla Union requesting the transfer of the domain name as well as the social media accounts, but Guerilla Union “has not responded to or confirmed receipt of any of Plaintiff’s letters.”