Jam Master Jay Murder Trial Finally Starts After Two Decades.

Opening statements began Monday in the federal murder trial for two men accused of killing Run-DMC star Jam Master Jay.

His killing sent shockwaves through the hip-hop world when he was gunned down in 2002 inside his Hollis, Queens recording studio.

Now more than two decades after his death, longtime friends flooded Brooklyn Federal Court to see Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington on trial for his murder.

“We definitely want justice. Justice is definitely due. And that’s why I’m here today,” longtime friend L Train said.

Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC, born Jason Mizell, was 37 years old when he was killed.

During opening statements, federal prosecutors called the murder “a brazen crime.” They said Jordan, who was the DJ’s godson, and Washington, a childhood friend, burst into the studio armed with guns on October 30th, 2002, fatally shooting Mizell in the head at close range. Prosecutors said they were motivated by greed and revenge over a failed cocaine deal.

The defense, in return, told the jury it was confident that after hearing all the testimony, jurors would have a lot of doubt.

Several people were inside the studio at the time, but none identified the killers immediately after the shooting.

Prosecutors stated in court documents the case took crucial strides in the last five years as they conducted more ballistics tests and convinced witnesses to cooperate, eventually charging Jordan and Washington in 2020.

A third man, Jay Bryant, who was also charged in connection to the murder last year, will be tried separately.

Washington and Jordan have both plead not guilty. If convicted, they face at least 20 years in prison. S: CBS News