Fiddy Got Hacked? $3 Million Rug Pull In 30 Minutes.

50 Cent has claimed that his X account and website were hacked with hackers promoting a cryptocurrency pump-and-dump token scam.

Allegedly the hackers created a new crypto token, “GUNIT,” and used Fif’s large X following of approximately 12.9 million followers to attract more investors and pump up the price before draining its value (‘rug pull’). The token’s price then crashed to $0.00016.

On June 21, Jackson posted to his 32.8 million Instagram followers claiming that his X account and website had been hacked and that a large amount of the victim’s funds had been liquidated from the project.

“Twitter worked quickly to lock my account back down. Who ever did this made $3,000,000 in 30 minutes,” Fif said before declaring that he has “no association with this crypto.”

50 Cent claimed that users had been defrauded of over $3 million as a result, a figure that grossly overstates the value that anonymous traders made from selling GUNIT tokens.



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