COLAMP – Buggin ft. Blu, Katie Burke, Relic Fox

Blu joins LA-based crew COLAMP in the cartoon realm to address mental health with “Buggin”. The video enlists a bevy of prime talent, featuring Relic Fox and Katie Burke, with all parties’ creativity being matched with a feast of visuals for the eyes to behold. COLAMP’s forthcoming LP “Tape” also features Anacron, Life Rexall, The Lxves, & more.



COLAMP consists of MC Nathan Nice, producer KDT Produced It, & DJ’s Arbs & Breeze. KDT has produced for Sach of The Nonce, Arbs has seasoned history in LA’s DJ battle circuit, & Breeze has produced for Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Rakaa Iriescience (Dilated Peoples), Scarub (Living Legends), 2Mex & LMNO (Visionaries), & more.