BOYZ N DA HOOD- Interview

by: Flex

We’re back at ya with Boyz N Da Hood.
They took some time out of their busy schedule to give us a brief interview..

What makes this Album different than the first?

Basically, just the tracks, but we graduated to another level…we still talking about the same gutter grit.

How do ya feel about the whole southern rap scene? Is it becoming over-saturated?

Well, to be honest with you, all the of southern music coming out ( pauses) we don’t like “all” of it either! We keep it real and gritty– like everything aint happy everyday. We talk about that. We talk about the real issues, and that’s what’s different about us.

Any collabs on this album?

Yea, we got Rick Ross on the album, T. Pain is on there….we got a joint with Ice Cube on the album.

Word!!? That’s crazy right there.How’d yall link up with Cube?

Block was talking about doing a movie under Cube Vision (Ice Cube’s new movie company) And in the midst of them hollerin at each other, he ended coming thru and hopping on a track with us.

Yall on Bad Boy South. How influential is Diddy in the music side? Or does he just let ya do yall?

Well, he getting kinda rough on us right now, knaw mean? cause this time around he’s tryna take us to that next level….so, he got a lil more control over what’s done. But not to worry cause we still keeping it street, fa sho.

Tupac just celebrated his 36th bday, if he was alive, how would rap music be different?

I think it would be more realer, definitely..kinda like what we tryna do, ya know? It wouldn’t be all the pop, snap, that’s cause going on…it wouldn’t have opened as wide……it would be more real and a lot less suckers in the game, I feel.

What about Russell Simmons, tryin to ban the cursing from rap music?

Ahh man, you know I can’t stand it…America been a bad place, you know they gotta try to find something to put the blame on. They say hip hop exploits women and all that….but if you ask me, hip hop has
helped in so many ways that I don’t even think about that dawg. For real…its provided so many jobs for people who would otherwise, really be a menace to society if it wasn’t fa hip-hop!

Any Last words?

August the 7th the album drops on Bad Boy South. Its called Back in da Chevy…..hottest album of the decade!