Aziya – “Party’s Over”

UK-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aziya shares her new single “party’s over.” Co-produced by Aziya and Grammy award winning producer John Hill, the infectious upbeat track is a strong statement of intent from the young Londoner and teases a larger project set to arrive later this year. The duo create an infectious song that conjures images of late night frenzy. Aziya creates a bittersweet portrait of the mental turmoil of a missed connection. A vulnerability that is perfectly contrasted with the driving, new-wave inspired backbone of the production. The track ends on a slower and more somber note as she realizes the connection is lost.


Aziya explains the thought process behind the track: “It’s about seeing someone in the crowd and all of your fantasies and intentions and lust is on that person from the moment you see them, an instant attraction but the inability and lack of being able to approach them. So you play at the ‘confident you’ walking up to them in your head. And by the time the party’s over you go home and realize you didn’t get that persons number and you didn’t ask them so they’ll forever just be a ghost, a memory in head and a thought of what could have been.”