Crisco Kidd

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“You are looking at one of the realest people you’ll ever meet in your life. I beat cancer in December of ’04 so my outlook on everything is different than most people’s… I try to take every moment and use it to the fullest. I’m originally from Houston, TX and moved to Albuquerque, NM in Feb. 2003 and worked on KISS 97.3 weeknights 6p-10p and mixed Friday nights 9p-12a. I moved back to Houston in July of 2005 and now I’m on Party 104.9, Houston’s Hip-Hop Station ( the station I help start in ’99 – 100.7 ORIGINAL HOUSE PARTY member) Monday thru Friday 7p-Midnight, THA BLOCK PARTY”… Crisco Kidd

Since his beginnings deejaying at house parties, birthdays, weddings, and night clubs from the age of 15, Crisco Kidd has become one of the most recognized deejay’s and on-air personalities in both the radio and music industries. As a result of all the love his Party 104.9 show has shown so many artists, his many live remotes and club nights and the Block Party mixtape series that have Southern artists banging down his door, Crisco Kidd’s notoriety has spread throughout not only Houston, but nationwide.

Crisco Kidd started his radio career at the age of 20 in April of ‘99 at Houston’s KRTX 100.7 House Party where he worked part-time. During his stint there, Crisco hosted events at many of the clubs in the city and deejayed parties in Cancun during the Texas Summer Breaks. In 2001, he was offered another position at KTHT Hot 97.1 doing weekends, night show stunts and mixing, a position he accepted. Whilst at the station, Crisco began hosting 2 nights a week at T-Town 2000, what was then Houston’s hottest spot for evening entertainment. He became renowned for the way he put his personal stamp on those nights and audiences relished the way he fun doing it.

January of 2003 saw Hot 97.1 flipping formats and only one month later, Crisco Kidd was offered the nights/mixshow coordinator position in Albuquerque, NM at KKSS Kiss 97.3. His show was an immediate success, finally giving the city and state a voice and a radio personality they could identify with, and felt they knew. He also hosted the city’s number one nightclub and anything his name was attached to was a success. This included fundraisers, mix-tapes and too many parties to name!

The diagnosis of Testicular Cancer in September of 2003 brought Crisco’s radio reign and party life to a crashing halt and instead threw him into a world of surgery and Chemo Therapy. With the incredible support of his family and friends and the unforgettable love of his listeners, Crisco Kidd was able to recover and bounce back with a renewed vigor and purpose. He was back on the air in the 5-0-5 and was given the title “People’s Champ!” Continuing right where he left off, on top, Crisco Kidd took the radio/music game to a whole new level in New Mexico, including winning Bumsquad DJ’s – Southwest DJ of the year title. People all over the state ‘til this day, have often said, “Crisco Kidd changed radio and the music industry here with the things he’s accomplished and overcome and he inspires people to want to do more!” – Caleb Crump.

Back in Houston where it all began, Crisco Kidd accepted the offer to return to the station where it all started… which is now called KPTY Party 104.9. His evening show Tha Crisco Kidd Block Party gives the city a “breath of fresh air” and leaves listeners entertained and in a “party mood” every night! You can catch the show Monday thru Friday from 7PM til midnight and hit the hottest live parties right along with Tha Block Party at some of the city’s crunkest spots 5 nights a week!

2006 was a successful year both for Crisco Kidd and Tha Block Party. His bout with illness has made him want to get involved with and give back to the community in a meaningful way…In Dec of ’06 her ran Crisco Kidd’s Ton of Toys Drive – Where he camped out in front of Walmart for 104.9 hours or until he collected a ton of toys. Thanks to the help of local artists and celebrites, station listeners and people in the city, He collected over 2,000 pounds of toys for the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Houston Area! His mixtape series is opening all kinds of new doors and the Bum Squad deejays, of which he is member, are doing big things to keep deejays in the limelight. He was nomimated for 2006 Southwest Dj of the Year at Mixshow Power Summit. Also Nominated for Rookie of the Year for 2006 Justo Mixtape Awards. He’s been featured on BET’s Beef series. You can catch him this April on BET’s UGK Special, and also cop his Crisco Kidd Block Party 3 dropping in May..

Crisco is grateful for the second chance he was given in life and you can guarantee, he is not going to waste it.