Young Scooter – Trap It Out

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Young Scooter is rapper and songwriter from Walterboro South Carolina, known for his improvisational freestyle approach, distinctive voice and gritty lyrics. Though born in South Carolina, Scooter was later raised in Atlanta, where he became involved in the local hip-hop scene and became childhood friends with another future rapper, in this case, the rapper named Future. He started his music career in the early 2000s, releasing mixtapes and collaborating with various artists. However, it was in 2012 that he gained significant attention with his mixtape titled “Street Lottery.” The project featured notable tracks like “Colombia” and “Work” and helped establish his reputation as an emerging talent.In addition to his mixtapes, Young Scooter has released several studio albums, including “Street Lottery 2” (2014), “Jug Season” (2015), and “Trippple Cross” (2018). These projects showcased his growth as an artist and solidified his position in the rap scene.

Throughout his career, Young Scooter has collaborated with numerous prominent artists in the rap industry such as Future, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Young Thug, and many others. His collaborations have further expanded his reach and helped him gain a wider fan base.