White Claw® Connects With T-Pain This Fourth of July Weekend.

White Claw, the creators of the world’s most iconic flavors of hard seltzer at the heart of summer parties since 2016 are announcing a partnership with GRAMMY® award-winning artist, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and global cultural icon, T-Pain, to help ensure no cooler goes empty this Fourth of July weekend. With the coming together of two cultural innovators, you never have to stop the party, not even to go get more White Claw.



Here’s how it works: White Claw is unveiling its innovative new CLAW™ Cooler, a high-tech cooler that automatically detects when you need more White Claw and helps order more to your door, so you can continue to Grab Life By The Claw™—White Claw’s mission to make sure everyone makes more meaningful connections and maximizes time with friends. DoorDash is separately offering a $0 delivery fee relating to delivery of certain alcohol products during the July 4th holiday season, including White Claw.

“I’ve been a long-time White Claw fan, and trust me, nothing brings the vibes down faster than when the cooler runs out,” said T-Pain. “I’m thrilled to launch the CLAW™ Cooler with White Claw so you can keep connecting with friends and not worry where your next White Claw is coming from this summer.”