Wande, Jackie Hill Perry, Toyalove, Reece Lache’, Childlike CiCi — Stay Low (Remix)

In the summer of 2023, Toyalove, Reece Lache’, and Childlike CiCi joined forces to craft the lead single, “Stay Low,” for Reach Records’ 6th annual Summer Playlist—an esteemed platform that has launched hits like Lecrae & Andy Mineo’s RIAA Certified Platinum track “Coming In Hot,” among others. Quickly becoming an anthem, the song is hard hitting and high energy and nature but is juxtaposed with a message on humility.



Towards the close of last year, Childlike CiCi and Toyalove successfully persuaded Jackie Hill Perry to lend her talents to the project during a candid conversation on Instagram’s Threads app. Jackie expressed in her post her longing for music but lamented her lack of time to dedicate to it. In a swift response, CiCi assured her, “Send twelve bars and I’ll handle the rest.” The addition of Reach Records’ leading lady, Wande, only elevated the collaboration, setting the stage for a potent remix featuring more dynamic verses from some of the Holiest Christian women to ever touch a mic.

“This song was thoughtfully curated, weaving a tapestry of faith, resilience, and Christian rap culture,” said CiCi when the song was released last year. “With rich melodies and heartfelt lyrics we hope that this song will inspire spiritual growth and that people would understand the significance of maintaining humility and embracing God’s role in uplifting us.”

When asked to be on the song, Jackie shared that in her career as a rapper, coming from St Louis, she hasn’t felt like shes been able to hop on a song and sound like herself, and this stuck out as an opportunity to do so. For Wande, being apart of this song was an act of being humble and trusting in God. Around the time of being asked to record her verse, she was still recovering from her jaw locking and relearning how to speak normal. She explains, “At the time of recording this, I literally couldn’t talk how I used…I had to walk by faith to even add my part, but God has shown me through this process that it is better to be faithful then to try and do things perfectly.”