Tray Tray – Eastsiders ft. G Herbo

Chicago rapper Tray Tray has shared his first posthumous release, “Eastsiders,” featuring G Herbo via Living The Dream Ent. “Eastsiders”

Tray Tray unfortunately lost his life at the end of August. “Eastsiders” was not intended to be a posthumous release. His untimely passing is commemorated by the rollout of his debut project, coming soon. All proceeds from Tray Tray’s upcoming posthumous release will go to his children and family.

On the track, Tray Tray and G Herbo go back-to-back about the realities of life. “Told my n***as we gon’ make it / All my life, I heard I’m basic / Only good at shooting n***as / Half my victims barely made it / You can ask the streets about me / Ain’t a soul can say I faked it,” Tray Tray raps.

“Eastsiders” follows Tray Tray’s last song and accompanying video for “What They On.” Prior to his tragic passing, the Windy City native was ready to take his career a step further: “I can switch it up. I’m versatile, very versatile. So I can make a radio song and make a song for the trenches all in one track. I’ve been around the world already—and I actually been through a lot of the things I rap about.”

With “Eastsiders” and his forthcoming project, he was gearing up to reclaim his spot in rap. “It’s me,” he said of his new album. “In a real way, a raw way, an authentic way. No fake skits, no gimmicks, no internet clout chasing. None of that. Just me.”