T.I.’s Georgia Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy

T.I.’s Georgia restaurant has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, despite closing its doors nearly two years ago. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Scales 925 Atlanta filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia on May 1. The case was filed by T.I.’s business partner, Charles Hughes, on behalf of the company.

The docs reveal T.I. has a 40% interest in the company. Hughes has 40% and 4 other partners each have 5% interest. The court docs list Scales 925’s assets as just $5,000 and liabilities as $0.

Scales 925 has been put on notice by the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue, but the amount owed is currently unknown.

The reason for the bankruptcy appears to be due to the pending lawsuits filed against the company.

T.I., his business partners, and the company have been hit with multiple lawsuits by former employees who allege they weren’t paid properly including wages, overtime and some claimed to have been asked to work without pay.

The rapper denied allegations he was responsible for the ex-employees’ wage issues in his response. He claimed he was not responsible for day-to-day operations and was not in charge of hiring or firing employees.

The restaurant had opened in 2015 but closed the following year following several issues, including being sued for eviction.