The Official Hip-Hop Music Library, Beta Blue Digital, Steps Into the Spotlight As Sponsor At Sync Spotlight Atlanta on March 30th.

Specializing in connecting artists and songwriters with opportunities to have their music placed in film, television, advertising, and other media projects, Beta Blue Digital has established itself as the first official Hip-Hop Music Library. Staying true to their promise to connect its growing catalog with licensing opportunities, Beta Blue is coming to Atlanta this weekend as a sponsor of the music innovation and networking event: Sync Spotlight.

“We are so excited to come to Atlanta and be a part of the Sync Spotlight event,” says Barey Jones, Executive Producer and Lead Composer at Beta Blue Digital. “We’ve been building our team and our catalog behind the scenes for years, and we’re ready to showcase our company and platform to the growing Music Sync community.”

Founded by a team of music industry veterans, Beta Blue Digital prides itself on its personalized approach to sync licensing. The company works closely with their creative music clients to understand their musical style, goals, and aspirations, and then leverages its relationships with music supervisors, directors, and producers to secure placements that align with those clients’ visions.

With a vast network of industry contacts and a deep understanding of the licensing process, Beta Blue Digital works diligently to place music in a wide range of projects, from blockbuster movies and popular TV shows to viral commercials. Adding to their offering is the upcoming launch of Beta Blue’s autonomous e-commerce personalization platform designed to streamline the process for music supervisors, companies, labels, and artists looking for the perfect sound..

Whether you’re an artist or songwriter looking for new opportunities through sync, or an industry professional looking for the perfect music to compliment your project, Beta Blue is your one stop shop for Hip Hop.