Taurus Scott: aka TS

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Taurus Paul Scott is the youngest of three children and was born in Syracuse, New York, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Not finishing high school, Taurus completed his GED, and went straight to the Conservatory Music School of the Arts in Tempe, Arizona learning more fundamentals of production and studio engineering.

Understanding Phoenix was not the best avenue for getting his music heard, he relocated to Crown Heights, a section in Brooklyn, New York, that lived and breathed the hustle and life that fit his swagger. Maintaining jobs at fitness gyms and Sam Ash, Taurus juggled his music – engineering and recording throughout the night.

If a person were asked to summarize *TS* in two words, they would instantaneously pick ‘determined and passionate.’ With a plethora of adjectives available to describe this 26-year-old musical mastermind it is easy to understand just how and why he has captured the attention of some of the industries most recognized.

Accused of ‘making grown man music’ by 9th Wonder, TS* has been submerged in music for half his life. Born *Taurus Scott, *TS* became proficient in both the drums and the piano through his own teaching. Through his dedication of making music it was only a matter of time before the Arizona native made himself familiar with a beat machine and as clichéd as it might sound, the rest is history. “I learned to play the drums and from there I got into DJing and not long after that I started producing and found out that that was the part of Hip-Hop I wanted to be involved in.”

Inspired by the heavyweights of the production world, Dr. Dre, Hi-Tek, DJ Premier, Timbaland, J Dilla, Illmind, TS* doesn’t attempt to emulate what these names have done; he chooses to learn from them. His ingenuity and ability to use both sounds and instruments, molding them together to create a prolific musical backdrop, was what caught the attention of *Sha Money XL. Hailed as a ‘problem with the beats’ by the Money Management Head honcho, it was during Sha’s tenure as G Unit President that an invitation was extended to *TS*, one that would be a defining moment in his career.

“Sha gave me the opportunity to move out to New York and work with G Unit,” he explains. “Making that move has definitely encouraged my career, how could it not?” While placements on 50 Cents Bullet Proof video game, and G-Unit Mixtapes by 50 Cent “Last Chance on Hate it or Love it”, “On the Arm; The Reason on Lloyd Banks Cold Corner”, “Me and My Strap; Have It All on Banks’ 4-30-09” and “Let’s Ride; Lifestyles of the Rich on Tony Yayo’s Finally off Papers” prove the move cross country was more than justified, TS* continues to flood the market with his workmanship, currently working with *Cory Gunz and Nipsey Hussle.

This chapter in his life allowed him to develop not only his production skills but to also work on his engineering and mixing abilities. Establishing himself as a triple threat puts TS* in a league that only a select few are a part of. “Being able to mix, master and engineer allows me to definitely get the sound I am looking for,” he shares. And with *Mike Jones, Mobb Deep and Mase all privy to his engineering skills, *TS* is just as affluent in that department as he is in the production field.

Like all aspects of the music industry today diversity is a key attribute in the hopes of securing longevity within the music world which TS acknowledges “the more versatile you can be, the more success you are going to have.” And armed with all the idiosyncrasies that his influences have displayed to get to their own personal pinnacles, it is inevitable with his burgeoning discography that TS* is like *Sha Money stated definitely ‘a problem with the beats.’

50 Cent Bullet Proof video game
50 Cent “Last Chance on Hate it or Love it” – (G-Unit Mixtape)
Lloyd Banks “On the Arm” “The Reason” – (from Lloyd Banks Cold Corner Mixtape)
Lloyd Banks “Me and My Strap” “Have it All” – (from Lloyd Banks “4-30-09 Mixtape)
Tony Yayo “Let’s Ride” “Lifestyles of the Rich” – (from Tony Yayo’s mixtape “Finally Off Papers”)