SWIZZ BEATZ – Steady Grindin

by: FLEX

Swizz has definitely got his plate full..working on albums for 50 Cent, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Cassidy, Chris Brown, Usher, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Marc Anthony, Eve, Jadakiss, Trina, Eminem, Mya, Ashanti, Mashonda, Yung Wun, Whitney Houston, UGK, Papoose, Chamillionaire, Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes, Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, T.I., Zeebra, Fabolous, and Mary J. Blidge . For those that don’t know, he is now married to R&B singer Mashonda. 

On January 18, 2007 Swizz became a father when Mashonda gave birth to their baby boy.
 His new album “One man Band Man” drops this summer.

First question would be.. why now? What made you wanna do an album and come from behind the boards?

SWIZZ BEATZ: I think it was a necessary career move. I think it was necessary for hip hop. I think it was necessary to show people I go after what I want to do, regardless of what people say or what people think, and I have the passion for it. So when I felt the passion kicking in, I felt as though the timing is right. It’s like there’s a lot of things I wanna accomplish as a producer, but I’m sitting pretty decent on that level, so I decided to invest in some other ventures.

You said something interesting. You said it’s important for hip-hop….explain that?

SWIZZ BEATZ: Yea, cause my album is an expression of freedom. I did “its me bitches!” that song is under 3 minutes. People don’t do that! It’s unorthodox. Everybody got so much pressure doin their records. They feel like they gotta sound like something that’s already there. Me…I’m not doin my album to make money. I’m doin my album to have fun and to bring good music to the table. I had no pressure doin my album. People didn’t even know I was doin my album.

You’ve been successful for having a “Swizz” sound. How important is it for a young producer to have their own style?

SWIZZ BEATZ: It means you’re a trendsetter and it means that people gonna respect you for that. Everybody coming with these quick records, but what ya longevity like? Where’s the creativity? If you’re creative, people give you more chances to come back with something fresh, but if you look like you just had a hot beat with a hook, cause it was the style of the moment….people be like….ehh, I can live without it. Like with me people don’t know what to expect. I’ve always kept that mystery.

As CEO of J Records,what kind of opportunities do you give young unknown producers?
Is it hard to jump in between producer and exec?

SWIZZ BEATZ: Nah, cause I don’t play those roles, even though I have those titles. I don’t walk around like I’m the big CEO and all that. I don’t do that shit. I come in, I respect everybody for how they are. I give everybody a fair shot. As far as new producers, I let them get their name and publishing and credits. I didn’t take any of that.

How is Cassidy doing? When will he be back? Is he on the new album?

SWIZZ BEATZ: He’s doing well. He’s on the new album. He’s running around. (pauses) He wrapping up his album right now. He’s good.

As a producer ya resume is beyond impressive. Do u feel underated? Should u be listed in the names of Premos, Dres, and Timbos?

SWIZZ BEATZ: Well, those people are a lot older than me and they’ve been in the game a lot longer and uh, they’ve earned that. In due time we won’t need to ask that question. I’m not looking for that to come immediately. When the time is right we’ll get it poppin’.

Off the music….who do u want to be the next president of the United States?


What about Hilary?

SWIZZ BEATZ: Um….I’m cool with that.

What makes a producer great?

SWIZZ BEATZ: Being a producer, and not a beatmaker. A producer goes in the studio with concepts and helps with the hooks and takes it to the next level.

On this project is it you rapping or just producing with guest features?

SWIZZ BEATZ: No guest features. My album is everything nobody is expecting. They expected me to have a bunch of features and collabos and to produce all the beats– so I did the opposite. I didn’t produce all the beats and there are no features.

Ight good looking on the love and the story homie. I’ ll see you at the album release party, cause I know damn well I got invites, right? If not at the door ill just say, “Its Me Bitches!”

( Swizz Laughs hysterically )