Suge Knight Officially Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison

Legendary Suge Knight was sentenced on Thursday morning to 28 years in prison for the 2015 hit-and-run death of a man on the set of the movie “Straight Outta Compton.”

The 53-year-old Death Row Records co-founder struck a surprise plea deal with prosecutors on Sept. 20, just a few days before he was to have stood trial for murder and attempted murder.

Knight instead pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and agreed to a prison sentence of 28 years.

Carter’s daughter, Crystal, who called Knight “a disgusting, selfish disgrace to the human species,’ detailed her fondest memories of her father and why Knight should be punished for his crime.

“We’ve been here 93 times. 94 Court dates we’ve had to endure,” she started. “I’ve always wanted justice for my dad, but now we finally got it.”

Carter’s younger sister also addressed the court and read a moving letter from Carter’s wife in addition to her own.

“These children have been robbed of the only father they know. By God’s grace I am surviving. Not living, surviving. This is a nightmare,” read the words of Carter’s wife. “I am no longer the mother, sister, wife I once was. I am no longer wife because of the defendant’s senseless actions.”

The letter continued, “Because of the defendant I have an endless flood of tears no matter how hard to try to keep them back they continue to flow.”

Voluntary manslaughter would normally bring a sentence of 11 years in prison, but Knight’s conviction along with his previous felonies triggers California’s three strikes law. That doubles the manslaughter sentence and adds an extra six years.

The agreement also clears Knight in two other cases, both from 2014. He was accused of stealing a camera from a woman and of sending threatening text messages to “Straight Outta Compton” director F. Gary Gray. Source: Fox