Stem Announces AMPED Partnership To Expand Its Comprehensive Distribution Offering.

Stem, the innovative music distribution platform dedicated to empowering artists and labels, announces an exciting partnership with AMPED™, the pioneering independent physical distribution company known for its expansive reach and impressive sales results. This collaboration, facilitated by Stem’s Head of Catalog & Label Partnerships Nick Terzo, marks a significant step forward in providing independent artists with unparalleled distribution services and opportunities for growth.

The partnership between Stem and AMPED™ will give Stem the ability to offer production services for physical products such as Vinyl LPs, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and Blu-rays to artists & labels on Stem. With an extensive reach to retailers large and small, as well as direct access to consumers, AMPED™ enables artists and labels to bypass traditional distribution methods and reach music fans directly.

Artists will have their own portal at AMPED™ to access sales data, while statements will be seamlessly integrated into the Stem app.

“We are thrilled to partner with AMPED™ to provide independent artists with a comprehensive distribution solution,” said Kristin Graziani, President of Stem. “This partnership represents a significant opportunity for artists to reach new audiences and deepen connections with existing fans.”

“AMPED™ is excited to partner with Stem to provide the distribution reach for independent artists,” said Dean Tabaac, head of AMPED™. “Together, we will empower artists to reach their full potential and connect directly with their fans through physical product.”

The Stem and AMPED™ partnership will primarily focus on North American distribution, with plans to expand globally in the future.