Spotify Confirms Songs Now Need At Least 1,000 Streams To Earn Royalties.

Spotify have confirmed that all songs on the platform must have a minimum of 1,000 streams before they can earn any royalties.

The new regulations come following weeks of speculation about the new policies the streaming service would be introducing, including rumors that the company would be making it harder for artists to generate royalties from their music.

These new amendments were finally outlined in a new blog post by Spotify yesterday (November 21), which noted several new policies that are being implemented in the hopes of containing the volume of content on the platform and minimizing the risks of fraud.

In these new policies, it was confirmed that Spotify would be introducing a payment threshold for 2024 – meaning that songs must hit 1,000 streams on the service before they can earn any royalties.

According to Spotify data, there are around 100 million songs on the service, yet only around 37.5million meet the new requirements to generate revenue.

This means that around 60 per cent of tracks will not qualify for the new threshold, although Spotify did recall that these songs make up less than one per cent of the total number of streams on the service. S:NME